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I have a problem with my Kodak dx6490.

I'm an excursionist so I need to have a longer self-timer before take the photo.

Unfortunately, the Kodak dx6490 have a fixed 10 second self-timer that is ridiculous for an excursionist!!!.

How to change the timer of the shelf-timer?

And why kodak doesn't decided to insert a changeable timerin a minute range?

Thanks to everyone that try to help me,

and agreetings from Italy!
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Old Dec 20, 2004, 12:20 PM   #2
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Hi Andrea from Italy! Greetings from the USA! I'm moving this post down to the Kodak forum. You'll probably get a better response there.
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An excursionist is a person that goes on excursions,,,or a tourist who is visiting sites of interest according to the dictionary.....not trying to be dificult here but do you mean contortionist ????......

A contortionist is someone who can twist their bodies and get into something like a box,,,,,if that`s what you mean then i understand why you need a longer timer...

Unfortunately there is no way to control the timer,,,,wish there was....

This is my main pet peve on the camera,,,and probably the only one that i`d really like to see,,,i`d like to see a remote control offered so you can trip the shutter whenever you like...would be nice for taking pics of birds at feeders and things like that,,,,this way you would not scare the wildlife away as you could hide and still have the camera close to the action.....

And a contortionist could remotely trip the shutter when he/she is ready too i guess...


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Old Dec 22, 2004, 11:08 AM   #4
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Hi Brianhare

and thanks to the interest.

I'm not a contorsionist! I'm a person that goes on excursions (for ex. I like towalking mountain, walking around the river and walkingin beautiful place like this.)

I always done a picture with self timer in a place with a lot of plants, with river and so...I need a long timer.

I hope that Kodak will improve the control of self timer in the next Kodak dx8690 (or the successor of Kodak dx7590 that also have a fixed timer).

Thanks again!

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Maybe there's a add-on attachment that you could get custom-made...like a part that clamps to your camera, with a little relay driven plunger that has a digital timer on it. So you set the timer, and the device will press the shutter button for you at the time you had set. Could even make it remote-controlled maybe.
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