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I purchased a Kodak DX7630 camera this summer to scan images of bound documents. I was intrigued by this cameras "text" setting which Kodak advertised as being specifically for documents. The problem I am having is a bit of blurriness at the edge of the images. The text setting only focuses on the center of the page, and that works great for the center, but the corners sometimes are difficult to read.

I was wondering if this is a problem with the lens, or maybe the text setting on the 7630 is just not up to the task. Does anyone have more experience with Kodak cameras for these kind of closeup shots? I suppose I could try a custom setting with a larger focusing area, but I am not a photographer, and I don't know the capabilities of this camera that well.

Also, would anyone recommend an accessory, lens like a wide angle, for this camera? I was thinking I could get better shots of books, but I don't know if these lenses are made for close up shots.

If I had the cash I would pony up for a Nikon D2X and then all my problems would be solved, I can dream can't I :G
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Buy a scanner.

That will get the pages in straight and true.

Using a camera for this type of application is tricky due to barrel distortion at the wide end of the zoom range.

A simple A4 scanner wouldn't cost the earth, but will be perfect for what you need.
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Due to the fragile nature of the books (18th-19th century) they should not be opened beyond 90 degrees, and should be handled as little as possible. Neither restriction is feasable with a flatbed scanner. I would get a planetary scanner, like the bookeye, if I had 35 grand, but alas that is too much.

Mydistortion seems to be limited to only the upper left part of the pictures. I borrowed a Nikon D70 and it worked quite nice, soI suppose itmust be a problem with the Kodak lens.I tried to use a different custom setting with a wider focusing area, but I can't replicate the text setting in custom. I end up with a completly blurry page. I tried using that new stitching program, autostitch, with a top and bottom pic of the pages but it tends to leave a few artifacts. I also still get the blurry corner a little. I tried raising the camera higher to make the page fit in the center focusing area, but that defeats the purpose of using a higher megapixel cameras since the resolution of the text is reduced. Perhaps I can raise the camera and zoom thelens in just a little. Any suggestions?
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If you take normal outdoor pics or anyrthing else and the blurriness is still there,,,take it back,,doesn`t sound right to me,,

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I just purchased a DX7630, I have found that there is some vignetting in the corners of the frame, whilst the lens is sharp right to the edges this may account for the lack of detail in the print at the corners.

You could try moving the camera back slightly this would overcome the vignetting problems, at 6.1mp there is still room to crop the image and still get a sharp reproduction.

Also agree you should be using a scanner unless there is a reason why you must use a camera.



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Tadd, long ago I used to have a scanner that was made by Logitech, that rolled over pages. If it was just one page, it ran through like one of those hand washing machines. but you could put it on a book and it rolls over the top.

but the again the books are old, so thats just a suggestion.

and a very cool thing you must be doing!
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