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I am noticing some things about my Kodak DX7630 that I'm wondering if I have a bad camera or if the design is bad.

1.A definite tendency for a somewhat reddish or purplish cast to the pictures. If I use color balance to reduce the red and blue slightly they look much better.

2.A rather irritating tendency to purple fringing in the pics. I have it set on 6.1 Mpixel Fine so that I get the least compression available.

3.Problem with what I think are compression related areas of some of my pictures... especially in dark areas... seems to compress the pixels into large blobs of dark and lose some of the detail I had been used to in my old Olympus 2.1 Mpixel camera.

4. Tendency to produce extremely DARK indoor flash photos... immediate subject illumated sometimes well and sometimes not... all background areas very dark and usually loss of data in dark area as related in 3 above.

Can anyone tell me if I got a bad unit or if this is to be expected... I love the speed of the camera and many other aspects, but these 4 items are getting to me!

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If you have some place to post examples, that would clarify things. The color cast and dark-area problems could be your monitor or printer.

I don't notice much of a color cast w/my DX7630 (why are so many camera models so romantically named?). But, I know from experience alongside photographers with eyes that work, my ability to judge is mediocre.

I've had one pic with horrendous purple fringe, involving an indoor photo with scenic bits reflectedin a mirror in the pic. The mirror itself was reflecting outdoor light. On other shots, such astree branches against the sky or high-contrast edges, like a window frame against dark window, no fringing. It may be that the mirror amplified chromatic aberrations.

Re: the dark. I've found that the best overall picture comes from 6.1MP,fine compression + low sharpness. The resulting pic IS soft, so post-process sharpening in a photo editor helps. That's not needed for pix of the mother-in-law, naturally, where softer is better. My '30, to coin a cuddly nickname, gets very noisy at higher ISO settings -- 400 isa symphony of noise in the dark parts.

As for the flash, this feature may be 3rd down from worst (worst = battery clip, second is the video toy function).The flashdoesn't seem to moderate on macro shots and it doesn't seem to understand what you'd like to light up, so somtimes things are dark, other timesthings are burned out, and occasionally the shot looks good.

But, it IS after all a point-and-shoot camera. I'm experimenting with external flash with slave trigger, but haven't got very far.

Your reddish/purplish cast plus fringing might suggest something wrong with the lens, but someone with more knowledge needs to take that one on.

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I've got a DX7630 and I don't have those problems. Post some example photos for us to see.


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