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Twinsane Aug 24, 2006 8:44 AM

Hi all, I'm new both to this forum and to digital photography.

Fed up of my old kodak (cx6230)being a lower standard than my phone (!)I decided to upgrade and purchased a p850 off ebay :( I thought it was brand new and comparing prices it seemed a good deal. It came yesterday and it's a recon. I've now looked at the kodak site and I can get it brand new for an extra £13!

I've played with it today and and can't get it to focus most of the time. Is this normally a problem? I leave it on auto for the most part but 80% of the time it flashes up with the red AF on the display. This is for nearly all of the photos indoors and all the close up ones I've tried outside. I cant get it to focus closer than about 1ft away - though I'm sure in macro mode it should be around an inch.

Another thing is the battery which after charging to full has only lasted for 24 pics; admittedly I have played with it for a good hour or two. Its also quite noisy. I can hear it focusing? most of the time and can feel the vibrations of it in my left hand.

Do you think it's ok?If it's just me getting used to the camera then I'll persevere - and probably ask millions of questions here - but if it should be much easier than this then I'll attempt to return it (no idea if I can yet...) and go to Kodak for a new one instead.

Thanks for taking the time to read this


inneyeseakay Aug 24, 2006 9:07 AM

First of all... Congradulations on the camera... I hope you grow to love it as much as I have. I'm not sure about the focusing problem... I have never had that problem with mine, but the battery is definately a problem. 24 shots is rediculous (sp) and inmacro mode I have never gotten a good focus less than a few inches away. Lastly, the noise is completely normal, if you read reviews on this camera, just about everyone of them says something about the noisy zoom and focusing. I hope someone else can help with your focusing problem. Welcome to the boards and I'm sorry I coulnd't be of more help.


WVButterfly Aug 24, 2006 9:12 AM

I wouldn't think the camera should have that much trouble with the auto focus. What are your indoor lighting conditions? Is it pretty bright with lots of windows or is it dark? If it's dark, the camera won't be able to focus.

Are you trying to use the zoom in macro mode? If so, that could be causing the focus issues. If you're not zooming, the lack of focus by the camera would concern me a little.

The battery sounds very weak compared to mine. I have my screen turned off, though...that saves a bit of power. I usually get between 150 and 200 photos before I need to recharge. If returning the referbished camera is an option, it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and do so. A little more money for a brand new camera would be worth it to me.

Twinsane Aug 24, 2006 4:54 PM

Thank you both for your replies :)

To be honest I feel very disappointed with the camera. I used to love photographyas a teen - I was just a novice with a zenith-and Iwanted to see how much I remembered with a "proper" camera after using point n shoots for years. I couldn't wait till it arrived andhad already bought the lense adapter and some filters (UV +4 close up and polarizing).

I wasn't zooming in macro mode and the light indoors is ok. Its not overly bright but its not dark either. It should be able to focus under normal indoor conditions or even at evening with household lighting shouldn't it? Not that I've tried the latter yet.

I've managed to take a couple of ok shots but that has taken ages and two battery charges!

I've emailed the seller toask about returning it. Lets hope it gets sorted and I can get another one from kodak.

domang Aug 24, 2006 5:30 PM

Getting the new camera seems a good idea.


I think the camera defaults to multi-zone focus. For amore specific focusyou might want to try center-zone.

The Auto-Focus default is for continuous focus. Every time you move the camera itwill refocus to whatever it is pointed towards. That both makes noise and shortens battery life. Change that to single auto-focus and it won't refocus until you half-press the shutter button.

I don't know how close you can get in macro mode but one inch sounds overly optimistic.

If you are willing then change the settings to center-zone focus and single auto-focus and see if you don't do better.

In any case, good luck.

inneyeseakay Aug 27, 2006 2:54 AM

I was looking at the specs and the macro focus distance is 3.9 inches... So you probably aren't going to get a focus much closer than that unless you try some close up filters.

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