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dsmjbeal wrote:
Please note that you don't want to put something heavy like a telephoto lens on these threads. Neither the threads nor the zoom portion of the barrell are designed to take that kind of weight. That's about the only use for the 55mm adapter.



Could you clarify what you mean on the statement above? Is the adapter is more than a stepup ring?

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dsmjbeal, is talking about the adaptor pictured below. He is saying the only use for this adaptor is for the heavy telephoto lens.

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bigdawg wrote:
True unless you go to a locally owned Camera store. One that has been in buisness for many years with the same sales staff. The only problem with some of those is the Snob Factor that all Kodakians seem to run into! They seem to think if it isn't a Lieca or Hassalblad, or a Nikon it isn't worth owning!

Dawg, I get the same feeling about Camera shops. Even people that don't have a camera look at you with the thought that you only have a Kodak. Little do they know.
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It really helps to have pictures like this to help explain what you are talking about. I appreciate the information everyone has shared!
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