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hi Sara

Some accuse the Kodak company for oversaturating their pictures, but hey..... My wife loves the colours ( actually most of the times so do i :-))

She just told me a story of how she was showing of the 38-380mm lens on the camera to her friends! AND THEY SAY SIZE DOESN`T MATTER!! :blah:

anyway I think Kodak has become excellent atpushing affordablequality!
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Welcome back sarah, glad to see you :-)
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We have nice experienced and experimentalist crowd here.

Kodak's consumer cameras strong point is easy to use and great pictures right out of camera. Most of the time when I put images from my DX6490 in to ACD see software and ask for auto exposure, auto color , auto contrast-- software does nothing, that means image has already correct exposure, correct contrast and accurate colors. Though in about 20% shots I do need to tweak. But great Auto mode plus pretty accurate whitebalance is strong point of Kodaks.

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I like my Kodaks but I don't feel they are the best.

Deep deep down I think I would have been happier with a Panasonic and its Leica 12x optical zoom lens and optical image stabalizer.

As far as forums go this one gets a very high score in my book. This forum shows about a 10% average +/- reply to / number of people that read the posting!

I was (for a very sort time) in a forum devoted Windows video editing programand it was very common to see 200 readers of a thread but only 2 replies.

A review of the other Steve's forums also show a less than 10% reply vs readers per thread and a very high percentage of people with gripes (could be poor cameras, poor users or a combonation).

This Kodak forum stands out as it has a good blend of people with questions, answers and a willingness to share information and opinions.On some sites if you ask how or what did you use to get that picture you would run into people with "sporadic lock jaw"



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MT! Good to see you back here!

Bill, I agree that some other brands provide sharper images and I think if I could go back to when I was about to purchase a "prosumer" level camera, I would buy another brand for THAT reason alone. In fact I would have scraped together some more money and bought a DSLR instead. That said, I've stated in this forum more than once that overall I am very satisfied with my P850 as a total balanced package and the subjective ergonomic "feel" of it in my hand.
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Thanks for the nice welcome back. It feels good to be here. However, when you don't see me posting next week, please don't be surprised, or think that I have disappered again. On 09/06 we head for Europe to do a workshop and I will be home again on 09/23 until 10/06 when we head to Hawaii to do three workshops.

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