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I have bought 5 differentKodak models since last june.
I do not anticipate my next purchase will be Kodak.

A year ago the product offerings were in line with technology.
Today, I would say Kodak is falling short.

The companies strengths include;

historically proven strong brand name recognition
global marketing and distribution channels
cameras that areuser friendly
smooth movie mode
kodak colors

as you can see it all boils down to price.
yes they have become more ofa follower than a pioneer.

Kodak has focused on market dominance in the "average" joe consumer market.
Many of those who are dissapointed with Kodak are the more technical users who have stricter requirements in digicam technology. But for the average consumer, they love their kodak cams, mostly because they dont know any different. And Kodak knows this as well.

Technology is changing very fast! Now other manufactures are introducing newproducts that may be pioneering the industry, creating "newly standard" performance specs andfeatures such aslike larger LCD's, Optical Image Stabilization, low noise ISO, touch screen technology, and much more.

Even if Kodak contines to "follow" they may still have a chance to keep up. We will have to wait and see. It will be essential that the company bring new products to market thatconsumers will find comparable in quality and featuresto other manufactures, rather thanbelow standard.

the digicam war continues...
should be an interesting year...

(I hope its good for OIS)

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Old Mar 8, 2006, 6:35 PM   #12
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I must say I'm puzzled by this whole topic, a D50(dSLR)compared with the purchase of a P880? Canon and Panasonic being ground breakers? I returned my Canon S2 after a month due to is lack luster indoor performance and cheap feel, their product linehasn't changed much in 2 years, just improvement on existing lines. Panasonc has some great still pic camera's butthe movie modes are lack luster at best why?. I see all three giving us a little tease now and than but nothing 'innovative'.

The P880 I purchased has been an excellent camera no more or less complaints then any other camera I've owned. My '03 Fuji FinePix S602 Zoom that I replaced with the Canon S2, that was replaced with the P880,was as good as any of them only lacking in Mega Pixels.

The Kodak Z612 is a great Camera only a year late, as is the Canon S3, Panasonic FZ7, Olympus SP-500, these our direct competitors, YAWN!!, and what has Fujifilms done lately? mpeg4 640x480 video, image stabilization, 8+mp, 2" high res screens and descent 200+ ISO setting should be standard by now. But sadly their not and other then a very few innovations the manufactures are on a very slow crawl forward

In defense of the P850 an P880 I've read far more good reviews than bad,read thru the other manufacture post on this site and you'll see the same up and down responce for most all camera's.
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My only point was that it would be pleasing to see Kodak the the role of the innovator. I like my Kodak cameras a lot.

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