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minnieusa Oct 26, 2006 3:36 PM

For: The easiest camera I've ever owned to operate, and I've owned all the major brands ... a four yr old took great pictures in auto mode and quickly learned how to use the review .... great pictures in auto ; wonderful video even in low light and very easy to use; great feature in cropping and enhancing picture; battery lasts forever. Cons:camera not fast enough for action shots like dog sports; unless your some skilled photographer that knows how to do the manual bells and whistlesand who has time to do that when dogs are barreling down at 25 mph;terrible pictures in low light without flashor tripod (all blurry / in auto mode)... using 12x zoomall the way is blurry without a tripod ... so myaction shot of a person serving a tennis ball in auto was somewhat blurry and certainly not a photo to blow up ...

Upshot: My adult son who is having his first childsoon and who has never owned a camera in his life, bought this camera today ($325) because he was able to take pictures with it without a manual in front of him; loved the still pictures that were taken in auto, and loved the video that he foresees taking of his new baby ... doesn't do dog sports nor will he be doing indoor without flash, so he could care less about my cons.

I'm back looking for another camera to take action shots without having to buy the cameras.with interchangeable lens......

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