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I believe that would be four angels doing the twist on the head of that pin!!!

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Thanks for your explanation of the "uses less than the advertised megapixels" ratings on one of the big camera sites! I have been studying the Z740 (and now the Z7590) and they rated the 740 at an unacceptable rate, which I found troublesome. Now the only stumbling block for me is the lack of image stabilization. I compared these Kodaks to the Dimage Z5 last evening, and I couldn't comfortably hold the Z5. I think my fingers are just a bit too short, but since I can't grow them any longer, that was an issue. The prints that the store let me make, with the Z5, Z740 and Z7590 were astonishing in their differences! The 740 was the clearest and sharpest, and the colors were the truest. This was inside a camera store, taken at pretty close range. The 7590 shot was a bit more zoomed -- my wife's face nearly filled the screen -- and a tad less sharp. The Z5 was washed out looking, blurry, and, frankly, comparatively lousy. So the Konica bit the dust there. My next step is to try using the full 10X, holding very still, and seeing how well it can focus outdoors (outside the same camera shop!) I purchased a Viking 128SD card from buy.com for $5 after the rebate, and when it comes, I'll bring it in and save my photos to it, and see how they look on the computer. If they're ok, I think it's between these two! (Although my wife, the long-suffering subject of my test shots, thinks I should wait 6 months and see whether image-stabilized, long zoom, c o m f o r t a b l e cameras are introduced by then. I could wait for perfect until I'm dead, but I won't be taking too many pictures then...!)

Thanks for your explanation. Andy W.
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