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I am new here, i'm from Venezuela.
I got 1 Question, i bought this camera 5 months ago, i love... its my little baby:-)

Well, when i take a Picture, without good light, like blowing a birthday cake, in a party.... i mean, there is light, but not enough for the camera, the Pictures appear Blur. It doesnt enfoc the object o person.

I have proved in Auto, y manual, in prestablished settings modes, but i cant do it

How do i fix this?... Who has this model camera too to change some opinions?

Sorry for my english, not very well

Thanks for help

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Daniel in low light settings such as you describe you need a tripod if you are not using a flash. Any body movement will cause that blur. Go to pasm mode and in the menue change the ISO setting to 400. This will allow faster shutter speeds. Use the S mode or the M mode to take the shots. In shutter priority mode you can lower the shutter speed till you start to get some good photos. Practise at home in low light until you start to get it! But I tell you again you need the tripod. If you have a 2 sec timer or a ten second timer these can be used so you don't shake the camera as you depress the shutter button! Try these and see if they help!

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Yes Dancces

I am also facing same problem u r facing or faced, I think Kodak 6490 or 7590 have some focus problem in low light situations, either i use flash or not, faced same problem. Many times when i downloaded the pics on my system than i realize some pics are blurred.


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I had that problem with my DX 7590. Check to make sure you have the most current firmware from Kodak. A tripod helps alot, but if your subjects are in motion (like people at a party) then you'll either have to make them stand still (impossible to do, lol) or get more light. I got an external flash that really did the trick for me.I use a Sunpak 383. This will really extend the range of your flash and help you get those good low-light shots without the motion blurr
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well, at least im not the only one with the problem.

I use Flash, but the pic appear blurry too. before, i had a Hp photosmart Simple, i took picture in partys, etc, when light its gone, and it took the picture perfect.

With this camera, Can't do it. using the flash, the tripod is not needed. and in mode Auto.

I think is a problem from the camera.

Someone know what can i do?... how is that about the firmware?

Thanks for Help Guys and Again, sorry for my english


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The rule etched in stone is "as the light goes down so does the shutter speed"

To compensate for this drop in shutter speed your choices are:

1/ usa a flash

2/ use a wider apperture if possible

3/ use a higher iso

4/ don't take the picture


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