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I have a Kodak Z812 and it has been hit or miss on whether it will download pictures to Easy Share or not. I went through the Kodak troubleshooting guide and everything seems to be up to date and their guide finally gave up and told me to contact customer service. I have the camera plugged in through a USB port. I plug it in, it goes through the motions of downloading the photos but it says it cannot transfer the pictures. I can see the pictures when I got to the Easy Share program and tell it to transfer. However it still tells me it won't transfer them. Do we think its a cable problem? Is there another way to transfer pictures WITHOUT using EasyShare?
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I feel like a complete idiot! I have been trying to transfer these pictures for 2 days now! I just realized I had the EasyShare program set to send the photos to my EHD. My EHD was not plugged in! I will hang my head in shame now.
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mcouden wrote:
...Is there another way to transfer pictures WITHOUT using EasyShare?
Congratulations on fixing your problem!

In any case, I and many others feel that any camera manufacturers' proprietary file transfer software is best avoided. 'Easyshare' has got rather a bad press round here, as you'll see if you do a search. It and similar bits of camera manufacturers' software are blatant attempts to lock users into that particularbrand. Unless you really, reallywant to email all your pictures to all your friends all the time, why bother? It's easy to organise your images just as you wish using your computer's file management system (e.g., Windows Explorer, or Mac equivalent).

I love my Kodak Z712is (best & most convenient camera, practically,overall, that I've owned in 48 years of photography) but I rubbed 'Easyshare' out immediately after I'd seen it.

There is a much simpler way, which is to buy a card reader, so that the camera & its software (expensive and complicated) and the computer & its software (expensive and complicated) don't have to interact directly.

The difficult interface bit is dealt with using the simple, cheap and robust interaction between a cheap USB card reader and and the robust USB ports on the computer. You bypass that difficult bit by taking the memory card out of the camera and sticking it in a slot on the card reader (or even directly on the the computer, if it's a modern laptop).

Your next camera may not be a Kodak! However, don't get rid of the Z812 if you ever upgrade to something else, though. It'll be difficult to beat for cost/size/weight/feature convenience.

I still use two of my old Casio digicams occasionally for features that only they possess (e.g., external flash sync socket on one, tiny pocketable size of another). The same cheap card reader interfaces with them all (mechanically, using my fingers to move the memory card), and with the Kodak, and with other people's cameras, on any computer with a USB socket.

Have fun! Good luck!

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I'll second Alan T's comments. That's exactly what I do at home with my my Kodaks. It isalso what I practice at work were I provide technicalsupport and training for our 300+ field reps who are each equipped with an Olympus Stylus camera. We don't load the Olympus software on their notebooks (for which I also provide technical support) because it's an unnecessary complication and in our environment every additional piece of software is an additional potential vulnerability.

A. C.

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