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dvdivx wrote:
That person was just a spammer. One post - "check out this site" garbage. Reseller ratings for that site is below 2 for a reason. You don't see BHphotovideo spaming along with other well rated retailers.

The z812 still isn't on Kodak's site. One wonders if they went back to the drawing board to add a wider angle or are just going to re-release it next week at the IFA. If they do make a change only 3 would be perfect (for me at least). In order of importance:

1. More control over the noise reduction, at least 5 levels of control.
2. RAW format.
3. 28mm start on the zoom.
4. A hot-shoe.

#4 won't likely happen but even the top two would be nice. I was ready to get the z812 as is since the video on the 1275 looks great but if they are going to make improvements more power to them.
Very likely you're correct on thatpost since they joined on the day of the post.

Desired changes:

Since the Z612/Z712 currently have no control over noise reduction, only sharpening even adding three levels of sharpening control would be nice and I think feasible since that's just programming. That also would eliminate any requirement for RAW for me although others might view it differently.

I don't see any chance of 28mm. The intent of the 812 seemed to be an update of the Z712 possibly to make it appear more competitive to the Canon S5. 28mm would require 1) A full redesign of lens if theanticipated sensor is retained. This would cut the teleend of the range to ~330mm unless zoomratio increased to 15x to retain the 400mm+ tele end. I'm not willing to give up the 400mm+ tele. 2) The existing lens might could be retainedif the sensor size was increasedand the existing lens couldcover a larger sensor. I have doubts about that however as it already vignettes at 35/36mm on the existing sensor. We would still lose the 400+ tele without a lens redesign.

A hot shoe, while requiring mechanical and circuitry/programing changes, would still likely be be less expensive thanoptics changes. It would also make the Z812 appear as a more direct alternative to the Canon S5 which also doesn't have RAW.

You may be correct that Kodak has decided to delay the release to better time with marketing events. Alternately they may have manufacturing/parts supply issues, maybe with the sensor itself.
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Yeah I can see the logic on not changing the lens. I just thought the hot shoe was least likely since none of the z series has them. Only supply issue resently was problems at several Samsung memory plants causing a spike and non-availability of flash memory like the built in memory in the camera.
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Hi , see attached Kodak z812is User Guide
Attached Files
File Type: txt Z812_UG_GLB_en.txt (89.2 KB, 2267 views)
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There's a link to the z812 user manual before it disapeared from kodak's site. Just hoping the camera comes back and it was a timing/marketing problem not a technological problem for the delay. Kodak already stated the camera would be out on the 14th of September so if it's at Costco by then I'll get one and post photos and video here.
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Looks like it was just a timing / marketing delay. Official press release was put out for the IFA and looks like the camera will be showing up soon at the stores.
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It's back on the Kodak site: In stock |Item # 1986264, $299 list price.
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I was looking on Kodaks site this morning and saw the Z812IS now listed in the U.S. for $300 from Kodak. Also a local store is lised as having it in stock.

I found this while looking for the P712 that was out since about a yr. ago.

This camera looks very interesting. HSN also had another of their HD cameras listed today. Specs make it look a bit better than the earlier Z712 IS. 6 mos. between models. Anything else on the grapevine?

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I saw z812 today at bestbuy which cost $299 and Costco going to have z712 at $199. Do $100 difference is worth it?
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siusiuenen wrote:
I saw z812 today at bestbuy which cost $299 and Costco going to have z712 at $199. Do $100 difference is worth it?
Probably only if you want more pixels.

Many people get fine results with 5Mp, and that, with maximum (basic) compression iswhat I have my Z712 set at for everyday snapshooting.

I use 7Mpix only if I think I'm about to do a masterpiece, or when I expect to crop heavily. This is usuallybecause even the huge 432mm zoom plus image stabilisation isn't enough sometimes. See image below of the Liverpool skyline 25 miles away, taken from near my home. It's a full frame resized & unsharpened, and hand-held. The battery issue is now resolved with Li-ion of one sort or another.

Date taken: 04 July 2007 11:32:32
Exposure bias [EV]: -0.33
35mm focal length [mm]: 432
ISO value: 200
Shutter speed [s]: 1/1024
Aperture: F4.8
Image width: 3072
Image height: 2304

If any of my 'minor niggles', addressed in my post http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=18have been addressed, they'd be worth something, but probably not $100. I am delighted with the camera (I've typed that phrase a lot). It's easily the best camera I've had for my purposes, and I've owned & used many in the 47 years since I was 11.

I was about to buy a Z612 in May, but the shop hadn't any, and I bought their first Z712.

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hi everyone,

I was inspired by Steve's review of Kodak Z612 a year ago, and decided to buy one of these, however, the one that i ordered did not come.. now i'm trying to find out where it has stuck, the american post is doing some kind of a research, however now, i couldn't wait anymore, and ordered another one, but this time a new model.

inspired by the user reviews of z612 and z712 i chose to risk a bit and ordered z812..

hope not to dissapoint.. does anyone of you already own this model? can you share the opinion about it?

anyways, hope soon to get mine, and will be able to share my own opinion, if here will be anyone interested..

And i would like to as Steve, if he was so pleased with z612 can he explore and review z812? i think it would be fair.. he could compare it with some older models or direck competitors like canon S5 or panasonic fz18.. it would be very interesting to see such comparison..

anyway, good luck for all of you, hope to go straight into amateur photography.. and learn as much as i can..

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