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thanks Alan, i've checked your posts, there really were some outstanding shots..

good job.. but why don't you create an account in flickr, and put all your best pictures, there.. it's free. and convenient..

there also is a group of z712, you could join it and discuss, advice, learn..

just a proposal..
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Deltasac wrote:
All Kodak Z812 IS have engineering problem which results in terrible distorted sound and AGC Automatic Gain Control in all recording modes of still audio annotations, and sound with all video resolutionsresolutions of videorecording in loud, or live music or noise enviornments.

Canon, Casio, Olympus, Nikon, Pentax, Samsung, Panasonic and Kodak new $79 C513, C613 record audio along with video just fine without distortion, over modulation, or variences in level, in the same audio enviornment. My $30 cassette recorder, MP3 recorder/player, and iPAQ pocket computer record just fine without terrible distortion, and have good AGC level control.

Kodak gets a big

for not field testing and releasing a consumer product with serious sound recording issues common to all Z812's, then turn their head to complaints to rectify the deficiency and make good on all the Z812's they have sold. Kodak will loose being a leader or competer in this high performance, hi zoom, and high definition arena as a quality product at a reasonable price if they do not acknowledge, and do something about this serious sound issue.

No other reviewers have mentioned the unuseable audio/video and still annotated distorted audio all Z812's make under loud or live muisc recording even at hundreds of feet away. This is not a repair or isolated issue. I have purchased two factory sealed Z812's from the Kodak Store and both have this serious sound issue that needs correcting sooner than later. Kodak technical department DAI Level II says if you don't like the audio from the Z812 return it within 30 days or live with it. They are unaware of the engineering and sound issue, and think nothing is wrong with the Z812.

Listen to the attahed Z812 recorded audio ofa outdoor gathering with live music playing and someone singing about 150-200 feet away or more. Its unuseable, and I had to go buy Apples Quick time Pro so i could edit out, strip, or replace the audio track as the kodak really makes a mess out of live music, or even a PCdesktop stereo playing in the background while narrating still images or video.

Click on your spacebar or the video pane below to launch the video/audio:


Sacramento, CA
I'd just like to add to this by stating that while the audio capabilities of the Z812 IS aren't excellent, they are useable under many situations.

As somebody else mentioned, this is a still photography camera with the ability to record decent video. If you look at the stereo specs you'll quickly realize that it's more designed for images then audio recording (the stereo audio is only dual 16KhZ)

Having said that, I've recorded some videos where I'm casually talking to friends outside at the park or at a party and been able to hear what's being said pretty clearly on playback. I think the camera's audio EQ is mixed more towards picking up ambient sounds or dialogue in quieter settings, and less designed for concert videos, loud parties or crowded scrums of people.

If you're really concerned with getting high quality photography, video and audio, I'd either spend more money on a professional video camera that can capture high quality stills, or simply aquire a low cost, high quality audio recording device for audio so that you can sync your 720p videos with the external audio device on your computer. This is actually a lot easier to accomplish then it sounds and it's actually how people have been recording professional films for more than half a decade!

Good luck!
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If other posters in this thread want to accept a new kodak model with audioproblems, go ahead.

Pick any one of over a hundred small digital cameras over the past 5 years that record video and sound. They do a pretty good job of recording audio clearly over a wide range of loudness and music backgrounds.


Two new factory sealed Z812's have this problem, and a $79 Kodak C513 does not.

Come on folks the Kodak Z812 has a serious audio distortion problem where hunderds of others do not.

Would you seriously buy this inferior model if you knew it was going to distort like the sample video/audio attached.

The canon S5 is about the same class. It records audio clearly and would be better buy, product, and support from a company that stands behind it's products.

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Deltasac wrote:
If other posters in this thread want to accept a new kodak model with audioproblems, go ahead...
Yes, you've told us many times.I know. Everyone's received the message loud and clear. You don't need to do any more. No-one is going to buy a Z812 for its sound any more, without trying it first. You've succeeded, and done a good job by helping folk who might have bought it for the sound. Now please leave it.

Please don't try to demolish the Kodak Corporation, because many of us are delighted with our Z*12is series cameras. I've been buying and using cameras for 47 years or so, and my Z712is the best I've ever had, at a ridiculously cheap price. Results from it are sprinkled all over the forums here, to some degree of approbation. I tried the sound once, and it was rubbish, as I expectedfroma very cheap still camera. I use my Video8 camcorders to record my wife's Early Music (mediaeval) concerts, where tone is everything, and make CDs from them which are rather good.

And please will you remove the awful sound file that plays when I look at this thread. It's liable to wake up my family in the middle of the night. I'm going to ask the mods to do it if you won't.

Please go out and and buy yourself something else to record sound, if that's what you want. I suggest a second-hand Video8 camcorder, whichwill do the the job far better, with high-quality stereo sound, if you plug in a good pair of microphones. It'll probably cost you less than than the Z812 did, which is not a lot. Both would be excellent value for money. While you're recording the sound not with the Z812, you could take some excellent still pictures with the Z812, and share them with us, please.
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OK. That's enough for one topic and this thread is now closed.

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