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Hi there, I am a relatively new owner of the superb, DX6490 and have been gleaning lots of 'digital' advice and hints from this forum so please keep up the good work!

I have recently attempted to buy a lens adapter for my DX6490, principally to attach a UV/Skylight filter for lens 'protection' and touse other filters and lens hoods.

Assome ofthe UK membersmay alreadybe aware, Kodak UKs' 'links to sellers' is a bit of a joke! so, trying elsewhere, I found that Jessops wanted around £13.99GBPplus £5 GBP delivery Plus VAT for the Kodak lens adapter for my camera,not too bad, but with delivery in approx 4/6weeks, I passed. I,ve also seen these adapterson afew other UK sellers' sites for as muchas £20GBP - plus up to £12GBP delivery - plus VAT. So my next obvious place to look was Ebay!

Here's what Ibought on Ebayfor £13.50GBP plus £5GBP postage Total £18.50 GBP. (and delivered from HK in 6 days.)1 x 44-52mm Lens Adapter 1 x 52mm UV Filter (Japan Made) 1 x Lens Hood ('Tulip' type) and 1x 52mmLens Cap.I know the adapter is 52mm (not 55mm as the original Kodak item) and I am aware of increased vignetting problems using max zoom, but there is a couple ofadvantages to this, in that a) 52mm lens filters,hoods etc are more readily available than 55mm, plus b) all my ownfilters and hoodsfrom my, now almost retired, Nikon SLR will now fit my DX6490!

If anyone is interested, the Ebay sellers name is "pro_technica" and the quality of product looks and feels excellent to me.Im am of course, in no way connected to this seller other than being a very satisfied customer.

Gusin "Bonnie Scotland"

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I bought an Ebay version a long time ago and it worked perfectly until I bought the official w/a lens.
The problem was vignetting on the right corners, but the official adapter was only a day away from Kodak UK direct.

I think it cost about £11 including postage for the adapter, but I agree with you about the cost of filters, 55mm ones are more £££.

Good luck with the 6490, I have used and abused mine for over a year now, but I am heading in the opposite direction now with a Nikon SLR.

Still keeping the 6490 though.

DX6490, 0.7 W/A lens, TCON-17 and god knows what filters. (100's of the bu**ers)

Oh, and a N90s user as well.
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Gus,,watch out for the 52mm adapters,,,Paul "gave" me the 52mm adapter he had,,,and it does not thread into the camera nearly as far as the original kodak one i have now,,,it would only go in about a thread or 2,,,,i know the 55mm accessories are more,,,but get the Kodak branded adapter,,you can always get a 55mm-52mm ring if you like......

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Old Jan 28, 2005, 9:06 AM   #4
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Hi Paul, thanks for your comments, I'm sure my 6490 will become 'used and abused' too. I really am impressed with it.

Out of curiosity I tried Kodak Uk once more for pricing/availability info on the 55mm adapter, I still cannot get past the "where to buy" link! I have tried to do this many times since I joined this forum, and became aware of this adapter, in August 2004!

I must add that I cannot fault Kodak for their support as I did get an exraordinary amount of help from Bill Jackson and the Kodak tech teamas well as some welcome adviceand encouragement, from yourself (I think)and Brian,when I had problems installing Easyshare and was thinking of ditching that program (the problem was correctly 'diagnosed' as a WinXP Pro/SP1 problem- now long resolved)

I really don't see me using a wide angle lens, but who knows, if I do, I shall buy the 55mm adapter along with the lens from Kodak. Meantimemy 52mm fits fine and its my intention to keep it on permanently, the only downside to that is, my Tamrac 5693 bag is now too small for the camera + adapter! C'est la vie!

Gus - sun still shining here!!!
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Hi Brian, when I first tried the 52mm adapter I thought it was not going to fit, it only went on a turn or two, however whenI applied a little (very little) extra pressure it screwed right on OK. I have taken it off and on several times (very carefully) and it seems to fit perfectly now!

As I have said in my reply to Paul, ifI get a w/a lensI will buy that and the adapter direct from Kodak Uk, if that is possible.

Gus- Sun still shining - no clouds in sight!
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