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JohnSt Apr 30, 2004 4:48 PM

Looking for a good (free) website to disply and share pics?
I am new to digital photography and am looking for a good (FREE) website to upload, organize into albums, and then share with friends and forums.

I really don't know much about the technology, but I am reading that some (such as photobucket) may not reproduce web pics with the same quality as would be expected from good pictures.

I have looked into a couple sites that seem to make their money from hoped for purchases (i.e. photoaccess, shutterfly, snapfish, and ofoto) but some say they are set up to "share" with designated email addresses but not for common access to the public--as would be in a forum.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in choosing the best quality service website that isn't going to charge me monthly fees--that will still meet the needs.

If it matters, I have some pics from an SLR that are scanned, and now I am taking pics with a Kodak DX6490 using JPEG compression onto an SD card.

Cold Snail Apr 30, 2004 6:54 PM

The site I use for posting pictures direct to forums is:-

Free and fast. (my album is full of random pictures)

If you want to make a free gallery to show anyone with text and various folder options then use:-

Takes a while to set up but the results are worth it.
Here's my gallery (still in the making.)

Don't forget to resize your images (I find that 800x600 pixels max works best) so you don't fill your storage up too quickly and also don't forget you can have as many different albums as you can get out there but I think these two are the best for free. (someone will prove me wrong now)

brianhare Apr 30, 2004 8:16 PM

Paul is right,,, Photobucket is a good choise,,they do not charge and there currently is no limit on space,,,within reason of course,,,

Doesn`t matter where you go,,,they will not post a large file anyway,,,takes up too much of there storage space,,,that`s why I warn people too not say that a poted pic is full of artifacts or is not sharp,,,,it`s usually your web host/provider that compresses the image,,,,not just the camera,,,,

Some photos on photobucket are great,,,,others are not,,,depends on how much you downsize the file beforehand,,,and how much you reduce it at photobucket,,,

I really don`t care,,,,i`m not selling prints online,,,just showing people interesting pics and techniques....

So free is all that`s important then,,,to me anyway..


JohnSt May 4, 2004 2:49 PM

Sounds good. Thanks guys.


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