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rdmiller Nov 15, 2009 7:22 AM

Looking for someone with a ZX1 and a remote
If there is someone here with a ZX1 and a remote control, I'd like to know if the remote will allow for frame-by-frame playback of a video while simply holding down the "forward" button.

On the Zi6, which I've used a lot, this is easy to do on the camera. Start playing back; hit pause; then hold down the forward button so it advances frame after frame. But the Zi6 has no remote control.

On the Zi8, this same sequence doesn't work. Holding down the forward button causes the video to quickly playback... it won't advance one frame at a time. This makes the Zi8 nearly useless for analyzing a golf swing, for example.

I know the ZX1 uses the same remote control as the Zi8, but I'm hoping it can control the camera the same way the keys on the camera work when not using the remote.

Richard Miller

rdmiller Nov 23, 2009 4:04 PM

I ended up buying a ZX1 to test it myself. Turns out, the remote functions the same as it does on the Zi8, making it useless for analyzing any kind of fast sports motion. Only the Zi6 works well. Too bad. Sending it back.

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