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dan279 Aug 10, 2006 2:28 PM

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Sorry for the quality,just takin some handheld shots but found this one interesting, just some leaves in front but sorta looks like someone riding a buffalo

domang Aug 10, 2006 5:19 PM

You could come up with some great Halloween posters with that technique.

bigdawg Aug 10, 2006 6:54 PM

Works for me Dan!! Reminds me of Blazing Saddles! Mongooooooo-o-o-!!!Awa-a-ay!!!


wizbummer Aug 10, 2006 9:38 PM

Mongo LIKE candy! haha

I see a lion with antlers m'self, rather than a buffaloo... but yeah that's still cool!

Lets all go out at midnight tonite (again!) and make shadow puppets with the moon! lol

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