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Hello all!

This is the second time this has happened to me.

I come home with a chip of images. I open them, look at them as a slide show and then the problem begins. I try to rename the folder of images and message that chip is locked comes. I confirm that the chip is not locked. I drag the chip to the desk to and it goes there. Now I am able to rename the file. I then try to delete the file with a right click delete and message about locked comes up. Same happens if I try to use delete on the left side of the screen while looking at the slide.

The first time it was on a newish San Disk which they agreed to replace. Now it is on a PNY chip.

Any idea why this is happening :?

Is there a solution that does not call for opening my pc:?


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I think more info is needed.

"Chip of images" = SD card?

You're trying to rename images on the card or the images uploaded to the pc?

The pictures are uploaded to My Pictures or to an Easyshare Software folder or where?

Are you using a card reader to upload the pictures?

When you take the pictures they are on theSD card in the camera. To see the pictures on the pc you upload them to the pc using a card reader orthrough a camera dock or printer dock. At that point the pictures are both on the SD card and in a folder on the pc. It is normally the folder on the pc that you would rename or...whatever,so the card being locked would not effect whatyou are doing.

Not being able to delete the pictures on the card, from the pc, is a different matter.
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I use a 2gig PNY SD card. If you will look on the left side of the PNY card, there is a small yellow (mine is anyway) switch. There should the wording "lock" beside it. This switch sets in a notch. If the switch is in the down position the card is locked, and anything on the card is protected from being altered or deleted. Push the switch up to unlock it.

Have you tried moving the switch up and down? Maybe it just isn't fully in the unlocked position.

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