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mrmegadeth Jul 8, 2004 3:45 PM

People eep comparing the DX6490 to the Z2 or Z1 hut go look at the Z3. It looks as though Minolta corrected all of the flaws of the Z2 in the Z3. Plus with a 12X! It is a good thing I like my 6490 so much or else I might be tempted.....

brianhare Jul 8, 2004 4:33 PM

Well,,,glad to hear your happy with the 6490,,i love mine..

Here`s a thought though,,,it took minolta 3 tries to get it fairly decent,,,if you wait 3 trys on the DX line,,,which would you buy,,,,,lets face it,,,,kodak puts out a DC,,,a good one,,,the next 2 after it will be definately something to wait for....

Minolta slaps together DC`s reall fast without even trying to get something out there worth buying,,,it`s get it to market,,,and if we screw it up,,,to bad,,,here`s the next one in a few months,,,maybe it`ll be better...if i had a minolta Z1 or Z2 i`d be pretty upset that they released a DC and a few months later released a better one,,,because you know they could have just released a good one to begin with....and cut out the rip-off tactics...

Sounds to me that they they are hiding anything decent,,,for the next one,,which would really make me want to slap them,,,,,so,,,forget it minolta,,,i`m waiting for kodak to bring out my next camera,,you should stick to photocopiers...

The next 2 kodaks,,,which i might add don`t come out every 2 weeks,,,will definately be awsum,,,you just sit back,,,enjoy a DC that takes excellent pics,,,and see what happens,,,,

Kodak is photography,,,,Minolta isn`t quite sure what they are...LOL


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