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My 2 y.o. v550 suddenly stopped working. I was on the beach in Maui taking pics of my kid and in the middle, the lens retracted. I turned it off and on and the lens extends and immediately retracts. I assumed the battery was dead so my husband found a universal charger (forgot mine at home) and we charged it overnight. No difference. Came home and docked it overnight. No difference. Realized it was not the battery because review mode works just fine. Did the troubleshooting on the Kodak site which said to send it in for review. Trouble is, we're not sure if it's worth spending $135 to analyze the problem and then face repair charges -- or suck it up and get a new camera.

Note: this is the second time we have had this issue with the camera. The first time it happened after I left the camera at a relative's and they shipped it back to me. When I opened the package, it exhibited this same behavior. I went through all the same steps then (about a year and a half ago) and was about to send it in to Kodak when it spontaneously resolved itself.

It's been 3 weeks and no resolution yet. We did the reboot thing too. I try it occasionally hoping for another spontaneous fix. But no.

Help! Any ideas what is the problem? At first my husband thought I got sand in the lens but I steadfastly disagree. I was very careful on the beach each time. He opened it up at the hotel but nothing came of it.


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Reports like that are popping everywhere, about various cameras & battery systems. I think the heavy current demands made by modern cameras present challenges to their own power systems.

My theory is that it's easy to draw so much current that just briefly the voltage drops below the camera's shutoff voltage, and it stops. That's designed to protect you against power failure when a battery really is nearly empty in the middle of critical operations such as saving, copying, moving files. That might easily lose the whole set of images on a card.

While it's a nuisance carrying spare new or fully charged batteries (not that easy with high capacity Ni-MH in particular), and changing them quickly when necessary, that's better than losing all your holiday pictures at once (it happens, all too easily).

For this reason I encourage my family not to use the gigantic multigigabyte cards. A few half or quarter gigabyte cards is better. We used to be happy with 38 hires images on one film.

Many cameras have a high-capacity, long-life, long dated Li primary battery option for power. It's a good idea to carry these as emergency backup. If you never use them that's good for image safety and the environment. Use rechargeables when you can, but they need careful maintenance, and Li-ion rechargeables have a lifetime of only a few years whether you use them or not.

AA alkaline batteries have extremely limited usefulness in modern cameras. They'll sometimes do for long-term storage, keeping the clock running, but I've had them go flat even for that.
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I encountered that, and luckily by wandering around the DC chasis, I fixed it.

1. Try open the front panel (the lens side, not the LCD side) by loosening about 5 screws around the edges.

2. Find a little spring (about 2mm dia) just above the lense in the middle.

3. The spring should have 2 legs in 10:10am position.

4. If not sure, then simply remove the spring (I did that and it pose no harm)

Don't sue me if you break the DC.

Good luck from a Hong Kong!
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