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Default My z950 has Stuck Hot CCD pixels now

Had my Z950 for 3 months and a group of 3 or 4 CCD pixels died this week. It shows up as a white dot on all pictures now.
The shutter speed doesn't matter.

I tried setting the clock ahead 1 month, and power cycling, that didn't do anything.

Is there a newer firmware than 1.000000?
I don't normally use the kodak software/ bloatware.

Can't believe new cameras still don't automatically handle CCD hot pixel mapping.

Any hacker created utils that can update the table?

I used some hacker util for an old Nikon coolpix 3100 with the same problem that worked great some years ago. Too bad it doesn't support kodaks.

Mike F.
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Virtually all modern digital cameras keep a bad pixel table in EEPROM, so that the camera can replace those pixels with values interpolated from surrounding pixels when you take a photo.

But, most cameras still don't give users access to software required to update the "bad pixel map" in EEPROM.

Sure... you can find software utilities designed to update that table for some of the older Nikon and Olympus models. Here is one example:


Ditto for more expensive cameras (dSLR models from various manufacturers, where the proprietary software has been "leaked" from time to time). There just might be a chance I've got some software for a few dSLR models. ;-)

But, I'm unaware of anyone that has software that can update your Kodak. So, it would probably require a trip back to the manufacturer.

As an alternative, you may want to try fixing the problems in the images it creates using software designed for that purpose. Here's one software package designed to do that for you (and there are many more):

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I am sure that Kodak will repair the camera without charge as long as you are still within the warranty period.

Sarah Joyce
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