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I have a toddler who is very active. I am currently trying to use a Nikon 8800 to take photos of him inside, in low light conditions. The 8800 just can't cut this environment. Does anyone know if the Kodak Z7590 or the Z7400 can meet my needs? I am looking for:

At least 5 MP

Quick writing time

Quick and accurate auto focus indoor with low light.

Wonderful indoor pictures, of course...LOL

If anyone knows what kind of camera is good for indoor toddlers, please let me know.

Thanks so much, moma4faith
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Hi moma4faith.

I just looked at the specks for the Nikon 8800. If you have this camerait is fully capable of taking the photographs you want. Respectivelyspeaking I think you need to practice your techniques.

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Your camera has problems focusing in low light when zoomed. The 8800 lets in only a quarter the light at full zoom that it does at wide angle and as a result the focus assist light is good only to about 5 feet. If your problems are with flash shots not being focused there isn't much you can do other than shoot with little zoom indoors. Or get another camera.

If you are getting poor shots indoors without flash you will have the same problem with the Kodaks. Light that looks fine to your eyes just isn't enough for most digital cameras. The stabilization on your Nikon helps a little, but stabilization doesn't help at all for subject movement. And toddlers don't sit still much. Invest in a flash attachment rather than another camera if you just don't like flash shots. Flash bounced off a low white ceiling or with a diffuser give you much nicer photos than the harsh flash from the built-in flash.

Someone on another board said they recently picked up a new Kodak 7590 on sale at Frys for $200. If you are in the US and your secret location is near a Frys, that is a good buy if the sale is still running. It focuses better in low light than your Nikon. Put it in continuous focus for toddler shots and get a green focus indication before pressing the shutter all the way. I would put it in center focus as well.

The 7590 does have a flash sync connector and an inexpensive automatic bounce flash unit will improve your indoor shots. You do have to get an inexpensive bracket to hold the flash, but the camera is easier to hold with a bracket and I like the results better with a bracket.

I'm guessing you are referring to the Kodak 7440. It is only 4Mp and doesn't have the zoom range of your Nikon or the 7590. If you want a smaller camera without the long zoom there are better choices IMO.

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