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Default New 6490 Owner with quick questions

Hi there,
Just bought this camera & love it so far. Couple of questions:
1. I need the camera for general family shots, vacations etc. I plan on having a laptop & transferring most pics there the same day they are taken. I also wish to use the camera for occasional short video clips. Which memory stick is best? Should I have 1 small one for extra pics & a seperate one just for video clips? Or am I better off getting the biggest one available. How many pics will each memory stick hold?

2. What is the best way to e-mail the pics? I dont like the EasyShare software & in the past have changed jpegs to smaller files for e-mail but cant seem to do this here? Is there a way to not use the easyshare software?


C Williams
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Looking at my image archive from the 6490, an average of several hundred photos, the average size is 960 KB. They are all taken in the highest resolution mode. You can figure the memory card capacity from here. I don't take video with this camera, so can't help there.

I have posted a message, link below, on how to transfer photos without Kodak software.


You can just e-mail the jpeg files. To e-mail I compress the jpeg file size with a program called JPEG Cruncher Pro 2.0. It is very good at significantely decreasing file size. It also supports crop or resize of the image. The result is exceptional compression while maintaining good quality for pics when viewed on screen.

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Memory Brands

I don't think it matters a whole bunch which brand of memory you get. I jus purchased 256 SanDisk (Best Buy for around 69.00 with a 15 dollar rebate). My DX6490 is set at best quality 3.5mp. It says I can take something like 269 pictures at that quality. You won't have to download for a long time with that many pictures. I also am getting ready for a vacation. I will probably only take that and maybe a 32mb SanDisk. I also purchased an inexpensive memory card reader (around 15.00). This way I don't have to take the laptop so long as one of the relatives has a computer I can use. Hopefully a few of them will have a CD burner as well. Anyway, for a weekend you could probably take 128mb card and take plenty of pictures so long as you don't do to much video stuff.

On to email
What is the best way to e-mail the pics?

Oops, almost forgot to reply to this. With my card reader I don't have to use the Kodak Easyshare software. It automatically opens the Jpegs. From there I can view and change names. Also, can use other programs to fix pictures and email from.

You may have to install software for the card readers. Fortunately I own an Apple/Mac computer and it does not require anything in the way of software to open and use in this method. The software will come with the cardreader. Have fun. Ken
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