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I currently have a Kodak CX7330. It's a baby digital camera I have had for about two years. Since having it I have been able to get some really good shots (I think) but all purely automatic of course. I have had the chance to work part time as a wedding photographers assistant a few times and really want to buy a camera that lets me experiment. I do not have SLR money and have narrowed my choices to the Kodak 850 or the Panasonic FZ30. I really like the zoom and the manual features that each have. I could grow in to them and add more lenses if I choose. I have read a ton of reviews and a bunch of posts on each forum. I would really like your input. If you had to buy one of those cameras which would you choose and why? Thanks!

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Hey, Wecome to the forums! I'm new here myself and just got the P850 about a month ago and really like the features it offers and the picture quality is great.
Take a look at some pics I took so you can judge for yourself. Enjoy!

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Welcome! I suggest you read the review on the FZ30 and compare the sample pictures of the P850 to the FZ30.


I own a P850 and it's been a very good camera overall, but in retrospect, if I had taken the time to compare these two cameras, I would have easily selected the Panasonic for image quality alone. The P712 is the current successor to the P850, but I still would go with the Panasonic. I do regret that I didn't buy a Panasonic, but that hasn't stopped me from fully enjoying the P850.

Another consideration is that Nikon and Canon have both recently introduced new 10mp DSLRs as updates to their popular 8mp models. This should mean that soon there will be great deals on old stock of Nikon D70s and Canon Rebel XTs. I'm shopping for a Rebel XT as I already have some Canon lenses.

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Just noticed that I should have put this in the "what camera should I buy". I apologize for that. I do appreciate the input so far. I too think the picutre quality seems better with the panasonic but I've always had Kodaks without problem. I don't know the longevity of Panasonics products. Not to mention it is more expensive. I also like the way you zoom and focus on the 880 but I want more zoom. If only they could combine all three for the price of the 850 then I'd be set.
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The Kodak P-850 is a very good camera. However, the newer P-712, which replaced the P-850, might be a somewhat better consideration. I own a P-712 and I like it a lot. You can also find many P-712 photo samples in the Kodak Forum over on http://www.dpreview.com.

I hope this helps a bit. Your rose photo looks very good, indeed!

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