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Since I'm a Kodak kind of girl, I went to thier website to browse around and check out cameras. Well, they have 2 that are being released sometime in February, the Z700 and the Z740, and they both come with a new printer dock. All I have to say is WOW! I would love to get my hands on the Z740. So I was telling hubby all about it saying I should wait til February to get a new camera because I really want this new one coming out to which he says thats fine...until I told him the price of $500. I don't think thats a bad deal at all seeing all you get with and from this camera. But he knows nothing about cameras :?and thinks that is just too much. Anyways, have you all seen them? Anyone planning on getting one? Do you think the price of the DX7590 will come down after these two come out? I am totally impatient and so wanting to get a new camera...so I am fighting with myself if I should get a new one NOW or just wait a few more weeks to see if there are better deals to be had. :?

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I'm actually kind of confused about the new cameras.. As mentioned in another thread, the new cameras actually have smaller LCD screens, and as far as I can tell, the Z740 is pretty much the same as the DX7590, except it has 2x more digital zoom (which is fairly useless anyways).

To me, it seems like an odd move for Kodak - why put out two new cameras that are the same as your two top sellers, but with smaller screens (which people love).

I was glad to see Kodak release a firmware update to the DX7590, and I hope they continue to release updates for at least a year.

If I were you, I would find a deal on the DX7590 and pick it up - it's a great camera and I love mine. =)
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lol, you post soooo looks like something I would write. Impatient yet peppy and I think I posted something like that not to long ago :blah:

Heres my thoughts on your situation.... Feb. is close.. so hold off. Just a little bit. You will see for sure if the 7590 comes down or not.

another thing to keep in mind. the new camera looks lcool.. but they are new. You dont know and will not know the potential problems with them.

3rd, you do get a lot of 500.00 (i.e. printer dock). do you plan on printing every picture? Because where I plan on getting a printer dock in April for fast prints... its way to expensive to print every print that way.
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It looks to me as if the 7590 is superior to either of the new "Z" cameras. The Zs seem to be an improvement to the CX models rather than a replacement for the 7590. The specs can
be compared at the Kodak website www.kodak.com.

The use of the printer dock is purely a personal preference but be aware that the cost of materials will work out to around 60 cents a print at present prices. Good quality prints can be had for a third of that either at local stores or through many of the online services.

I'm sure that the new camera pagages will give the usual excellent Kodak performance but be certain that you know what you are getting and are getting what you want.

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The new cameras are not meant to compete with the 7590,,,they have less manual controls along with a pile of other things the 7590 does not have,,,that`s why it`s priced the same or close to the 7590...if you really want the printer dock then get the newer Z series cam,,if you do not think you`ll use the printer dock much then get the 7590,,it`s the better camera.....

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Take a look at the Kodak website. There is a $50 rebate on 7590's right now.

Or I could sell you my relatively new dx7630 with the 2x lens…hahaha
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