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Got it and a Energizer recharable battary for just under 140 US Dollars. It should be arriving to me in the next week or so.

Is there anything I should know about Kodaks or any accessories I should look into? I will be looking into the rechargable CRV3 Lithium batteries.

So far I have the camera itself, The Energizer Battary (link: http://www.buy.com/prod/Energizer_ER...201959841.html ), 1GB Memory Card, and I have a bunch of camera cases that my old Sony DSC-P50 wouldn't fit in I've passed the Sony onto my father, it was a great first camera but for my needs I wanted a bit more, in low lite situations is where the sony kinda had some trouble.

In any event how do these Kodaks do on batteries? I usually will have periods where the camera will sit and do nothing (although lately I've been taking pictures of something daily), but then at family gatherings I'll snap a bunch off and being a car guy I love taking many pictures of my own car, along with other intresting vehicles I come across or at autoshows I'll snap off pictures of almost everything I see.
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That battery is not a Lithium battery but a Ni-Mh. it say's 2000 mAh, my Kodak C743 needs at least 2100 mAh, so when you shoot fast you could get some troubles. You must charge it not long before you use it, it will loose it's power quickly. You could buy a Lithium battery for emercency, when not used it will stay good for a very long time. (Mine until 2015!)

Happy shooting!,


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Richard and Egreen-

Use NiMh batteries of 2500+ mah and they will last considerably longer.

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I was thinking of getting this kit from kodak depending on how well that energizer works: http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQueri...gory=EKN031207

I have heard that batteries higher than 2100MAH have a large drop in charging cycles.

Also looking at the battery pack reviews I am thinking about getting these and forgeting about that above kodak pack:

but I really have no idea which one is the better buy or performs better.

Being that I live in the Buffalo, NY area it does get cold (well below freezing) so there could be times where I was outside and from what I understand Lithiums are best for that envirement.
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