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Zackuk1 Aug 15, 2004 6:54 AM

Hi There, just got my DX 6490 yesterday (Sat) supplied by Amazon for £209.99, it looks, feels and handles as good as you guys (mostly) say. I also purchased a Bytestor 256 hi-speed (66x) SD card -Made in Japan- for £36.

From the few photosI have taken since ownership it certainly is looking like a superb buy, incidentally, very much influenced by this forum and the dpreview forum, thanks a lot everyone for the (mostly) excellent refs. However all is not rosy, I have tried to load Easyshare 3.3 as supplied with the camera, and also ver.4.0 downloaded from Kodak site - thank goodness for broadband - with each attempt to install either version,I get Kodaks' trimode failure messages just before installation completes! I was also intending to purchase the camera dock, but after my experiences with Easyshare and the fairly widespread view that easyshare is both problematic and relatively inferior to other progs available, I feel that the dock would be irrelevant to my requirements. I have the Battery Charger and USB cable as supplied with my 6490, and have, fortuitiously, ordered a 8 in 1 card reader on Ebay, so I am well equiped to live without the dock, I also have Serif Photomanager ver 1.00. Has anyone any experience with this program, or has suggestions for alternatives? I also assume that with whatI propose,I do not have to load any drivers etc from Easyshare Custom setup, assuming that XP will recognise the 6490. I also am assuming that without Easyshare, features like "tagging" etc will be redundant?

Anycomments,suggestions or help regarding my main points would be good.

I have a fairly 'decent' computer Athlon 2200 and XP Pro- everything running OK !



brianhare Aug 15, 2004 8:44 AM

Hope you enjoy the camera as much as i do mine,,,the 6490 is a great cam..

I use E.S. Zack,,,find it a great program,,most people do that actually use it,,,there are a lot of other programs out there i`m sure...i also have Jasc Paint Shop Pro Photo Album which i don`t use..i ilike E.S. better and the dock is great you can just rest the DC there when not in use and the battery is always ready to go,and the date/ time is reset by E.S. each time you upload the pics,,when you externally charge the battery you have to change the date/time every time you charge,,,which is a pain...


Zackuk1 Aug 15, 2004 9:32 AM

Hi Brian,

Thanx for your reply.

I would like very much to use E.S.and dock - would make life a lot simpler!

I've just tried again, to load ver 3.3.I get message "The installation has failed - Error Codes 12x 413x 1722x - would you like to connect to site to find a solution" when I do so and search for 'answer' I get "there are no answers regarding this"

I have just left a query on Kodak site - hopefully they can sort this out!

Thanx again:sad:


brianhare Aug 15, 2004 9:48 AM

The other alternative is to ask Bill,,he is the programmer for E.S.,,,try leaving him a message at this link at dpreview ,,he`ll get back to you on the error code,,others have gotten error codes too,,,it`s not uncommon for this to happen,,here`s the link..

I wouldn`t give up on it yet,,it`s a great place to organize your photos and you can easily find them when you use PSE2.0 or what ever program you use for manipulating the images..


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