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hello from south australia....

i have a kodak easyshare C643. my first digital camera...

im VERY basic at taking pics with this camera, but wanting to take some lightning photos....

i used to have a Pentax Z10 slr that i used with mixed success taking the lightning pics, but now all i have is the C643....until i buy another slr in digi form.

question....last night i took 859 pics, and ended up with around 5 ok(ish) and just one good pic....i was using FIREWORKS setting as af far as im aware, that the only setting i can use to hold open the shutter....(?????) and thats only for a limited time,

will this cmaera enable me to hold the shutter open for longer?

i was always either early, late or in the wrong spot...

admittedly the lightning was at a far distance which didnt help, but where am i going wrong?

also looking at a Nikon D60 or a Canon something to update soon....

do these cams have what is needed to take some nice pictures? forgive my naiveness on this subject, im by no means an ace shooter, just a novice working my way through todays day and age of symbols, subjects and cameras i have no idea how to use to there full ability.

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this is the best pic i took....dont have a tripod, ex wife has that as well as the pentax, so just rested hand on side mirror of car.

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well either nobody knows, or nobody cares....thats fine...i will try a better forum
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I shouldn't think folk will have much to add. This isn't a very busy forum, except whensome newlive issue pops up, when everyone is very helpful.

You've already found out the answer for yourself, and produced a fine lightning shot, something that few people will have achieved.You've done it with a camera that probably, I think, offers you no manual control apart from setting the right mode, and without even a tripod. Congratulations!

With difficulty, I found the manual and specification of the C643 on Kodak's website, at...


There are many, many current and extinct kodak models of digicam, and it's not easy to find out about many of them.

If you're used to an SLR, and are contemplating a digital one, it's worth considering the Kodak Z-series, especially the current Z1012is and Z1015is, which are remarkable value at present. The Z1012is sells forukĀ£180, with battery & charger & delivery, from the online 'Kodak Shop'. This would offer you a large degree of control and a huge zoom lens, for a fraction of the cost, size & weight of a dSLR. It also has the huge advantage of a 'live preview' electronic viewfinder, on which you can get a good idea of the correct exposure, a feature which is present on only a few dSLRs.

If you want to know about lightning, search the whole of Steve's Forums on that keyword. I remember a thread somewhere here a few months ago explaining how to do it. Obviously, luck is the largest ingredient.

Good luck!

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