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sturgeon Jul 27, 2004 3:24 PM

I think I am going to buy the DX 7440. 2 Questions:

1. What is the optical viewfinder like? On my old 35mm compact I frame the picture up in the viewfinder and know what I am getting. Most compact digtals don't seem to allow that because the optical viewfinder is simply too small. Can I do it with the DX7440? I don't see myself using the LCD all the time. Rrevies of many compact digitals talking of the optical viewfinder being too small to be useful and only seeing 75% of the picture.

2. One of the reviews of this DX7630 talks about excessive noise and puts that down to the 6mp combined with a small processer. Does that mean that problem won't exist with the 4mp of the 7440?

brianhare Jul 27, 2004 4:52 PM

One really large bonus of having an opyical viewfinder on this DC is that in burst mode when the EVF would blank out,,,you can still see through the optical viewfinder and pan with a moving subject,,,,,,,,that is really nice......

None of the optical viewfinders are large on the P+S cameras,,,but neither is the EVF on my DX6490,,,it`s not supposed to be though,,,,,but it will show more than 75% of the subject...

I know that the 6490 has quite low noise at 80 ISO,,,up into 400 it gets noisy,,,all of the DC`s do though,,,and a good program like Noise Ninja works great for that problem,,

I haven`t heard anyone complain about noise on the 7440,,,,,the 7630 i`ve heard some talk of it,,,but i wonder what ISO they were shooting at,,,


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