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What's the difference if one battery is 3.6V at 1700mAH or one is 3.7V at 1600mAH? The original battery that comes with the camera is 3.7V at 1700mAH.

What would differentiate these? Which would be a better buy for number of shots? Or are they equal?


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I would buy a battery that matches the original Gina. The little difference in cost is not worth taking a chance to me. I always play on the safe side where my camera is concerned. It might not matter that the voltage or the mah is slightly different but I don't like to take the chance that something might happen to my cherished DX6490.

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Greetings Gina,

I advise using the same voltage battery as supplied originally. If you use something different you run the risk of damaging your camera. Digital cameras are pretty sophisticated devices and require specific amounts of power to run correctly. So, please be aware and use the correct voltage. The mAH increase is not as important as when you increase the mAH you increase the staying power of the battery. The voltage is critical, however, so be sure it is the same.

At present, Kodak offers the KLIC 5000 (1050 mAH) and the KLIC 5001 (1700 mAH).

Talk to you soon,

Ron Baird
Eastman Kodak Company
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