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Hey all!

I purchased a refurbished Kodak P850 off of ebay late this past summer. Overall I've been extreemly happy with it compared to it's predecessor a Fuji A330 which was a slow, noisy, bastard...only good for outdoor sunny use.

I still find the 850 slow, and really it's just become a larger, more functional point and shoot for me. I perfer its feel over the compacts, and I love how much control I have over it (minus the fact that in manual mode you can't adjust the arpature..as far as I can tell anyways)

Anyways, my problem is a major one for me. I'm constantly using the scene-party mode feature of the camera, as it has the best 'auto' setting for my applications (shooting local rock shows)

However, more and more often everyday, the camera is 'freezing'. it plays the error noise after the flash fires, but before the shutter snaps. then the camera freezes, with the LCD and the viewfinder going black. SOMETIMES WHITE! When it turns white it just squeels!

In both cases the lens does not retract, and it requires to be rebooted before you can shoot again. And 9/10 times it requires you to remove the battery...and all the internal settings get reset.

Once or twice (this isn't very often since it has happened almost a hundred times!) my mem-card came out corrupt and empty

I have updated to the latest firmware, and contacted Kodak..who will not help me because it's a refurbished peice.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not...but it often crashes when I'm shooting pictures where the lighting is situated behind or above the camera.

I have even been able to cause a crash by using the 'red eye fill' flash mode (which I call strobing) in the manual and priority modes.

I have gotten so fed up I finally went out and bought a Pentax K100D to replace my money hungry Pentax MX.... but seeing as how I don't always wanna lug around my K100D I would still like to know what I can do about this problem.
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I wouldn't be surprised if it's some problem caused by the refurbishment bit of it. I'm afraid you probably don't have any cheap options. If Kodak won't help you, you might be able to get it repaired, but camera repairs are expensive at best (About $70/hour where I live).

Maybe just look for a new camera?
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It happens often with my P850 as well.

Mostly when batteries are about to die.
Also, when I use burst mode, and then take more pics
before all are saved. Sometimes I lose all the pics taken
in burst and after.

I suggest to get a new battery, wait a while after taking burst
pics, and dont press any buttons while photos are being saved.

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Sorry to hear about your trouble. Sounds like it may be a power issue.

Are you using fully charged batteries when this happens? Let me know more about the details. You can contact me off line if you like. By the way, a refurbished camera has nothing to do with support. Refurbished cameras carry an identical warranty to new. There must be something else involved?

Let me know more and I will try to help further. For now, make sure you use only full charged batteries, that you clear any internal memory and format the camera, and that you try a different memory card. See if the condition remains.

Talk to you later,

Ron Baird
Eastman Kodak Company
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