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No camera on earth will show a moving subject clearly if taken at 1/20th second.

If you select a shutter speed of 1/200th and there is`nt enough light for 1/200th the picture will be dark.

If there is`nt enough light fora shutter speed a red light will be blinking on the right side of screen next to AE. Ifall is ok it will be green.

Search Google for basic photography tutorials .& never use auto.

I use A mode and use the thumbwheel if I want to change it. All digital cameras have a sweet spot and it`s around f4 to f5. I keep mine on f 4.5 and the camera will select the shutter speed.

If you need more shutter speed change to lowest f stop. If you want more depth of field change it to a higher number,

If you`re holding the camera at arms length to take pics, don`t do it. It will make forblurred pictures.

I doubt you will ever see a pro doing it.
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Correction on using Auto. It`s ok for flash shots. Remember flash is only good for a certain distance. Past the max distance will result in dark pics.

Something else occured to me. You might have the 740 on continuos auto focus which may help.

Are you pre focusing the 880. Half pressing the shutter to allow it to focus before taking the pic?

The 880 is slow focusing, IMO. I can press the shutter all the way down with my Pansonic FZ30 and it will focus and take the pic beforemy 880 will focus. I estimate it`s 4x faster than the 880.

You don`t need speed for scenery pics. I find the 24mm lens very useful. The majority of my 880 pics are at 24mm.

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If you want to see what an external flash will do for you, but don't want to spend the money for the Kodak one, any electronic flash will work if you use it the old fashioned way. You just put the camera in manual exposure mode and set to an f-stop dictated by the flash instructions. I've been using an old Vivitar flash I already had with success.
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Greetings wildatom,

No need to for every picture. But if you are taking some pictures with a slow shutter speed, consider the tripod or other support.

Another option with this camera is a powerful flash. I would not use a 20th second or anything much beyond a 60th second. I have a Sunpak622 that will provide enough light for quite a distance including sporting events that allow flash. It comes with a handle that accommodates the camera as well.

Something to consider.

Ron Baird
Eastman Kodak Company
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