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Just bought a P880 in "like new" condition off eBay.** This camera does seem to work well, although I wasn't too pleased with its macro abilities while I was trying to get a closeup of an Intel CPU for an eBay listing. However, when I switch the power on, the autofocus motor starts whirring, clicking and seems to be constantly moving and hunting for focus, even when the camera is just sitting on a table, with nothing touching the shutter release button. Is this normal? I've never had this happen with any of the half dozen or so other digital cameras and four non-digital ones with autofocus that I've owned. Is there a setting I should turn off in one of the menus that will cure this problem? Or, does it sound like I'm striking out again and got another defective camera?


** This is the secondP880 I bought from an eBay auction with that description -the first of which was DOA, had a broken battery cover, was worn and missing accessories and is now the subject of a Paypal dispute. But I digress.
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Not real sure about the P880, but most kodaks have an auto focus setting in the menu...sounds like yours is on continuos....try changing to single autofocus

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Refer to page 53 of the manual, if you do not have a manual recommend you get one from the kodak site.

under the capture menu
choose AF control
[sup]pick either[/sup]
Continous AF (default) whereby the camera continuously attempts to focus until the shutter is pressed.
[sub]This setting will cause the AF to hunt for the correct focus and will use more of your battery, BUT will, under most situations, allow for a shorter period of time between pressing the shutter release and taking the picture.[/sub]
Single AF - whereby the camera gets in focus when the shutter button is pressed halfway down.

[sub]Obviously, you may like the Single AF better, it will conserve battery life, but cause a longer delay when shooting since it has to fully focus prior to releasing the shutter.[/sub]

Also check the AFL *AutoFocus Lock" setting on page 33 and 34. This setting will NOT cause the camera to continuously try to focus but is interesting none the less.

Good luck and take some nice shots.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.

Read a manual ... well I guess I can give it a try.
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