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kcmargulies Nov 24, 2005 11:15 AM

imaging resource has a review in on the P880 and it is...POSITIVE!

the review's conclusion can be found here:

Kodak's EasyShare line of digital cameras has long been a favorite among a wide range of consumers, as the cameras typically live up to their name. While a considerably more advanced offering than the typical EasyShare model, the expanded exposure and creative control of the new P880 doesn't compromise usability in its Auto or Scene modes. The P880 offers just about every degree of exposure control that more advanced photographers could want, but also maintains a healthy selection of automatic and preset shooting modes for novices. Plus, the P880 continues with Kodak's popular EasyShare features, including printer and camera dock compatibility, the Share menu for tagging images for printing, downloading, and emailing, as well as the Favorites mode for saving a digital photo album -- All features that make for a great user experience, whether you're a novice or expert. We see this as being a great camera for someone to purchase who's looking to expand their photo skills, and wants a camera that's easy to get started with, yet offers a full range of capabilities for them to grow into as they gain experience. The Kodak P880's 8.0-megapixel (effective) CCD captures high resolution images, and its 5.8x optical zoom is a nice bonus as well, reaching out to a full 24mm wide angle, wider than all but two other cameras on the market. (The Nikon Coolpix 8400 and Sony DSC-R1 also go as wide as 24mm.) Inevitably, we found a few minor things to complain about, in particular wishing for more sure-footed autofocusing under dim lighting and a quicker shutter response, but taken as a whole, it's a highly capable camera with great optics and excellent color, and something of a bargain compared with some of the models it competes with. A Dave's Pick, and a camera that any enthusiast or aspiring enthusiast photographer should take a good look at.

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