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There are twobasic kinds of graphics – raster and vector. Raster is made of individual pixels, which you can see if you blow them up enough. Vector graphics are just mathematical points, curves, lines etc that a program will draw out into an image. You can take a little vector graphic and blow it up to enormous size and it is still sharp as a tack.

Logos and such are often vector graphics. You have probably heard of programs like Illustrator, FreeHand and Corel Draw that work in vector. There are also vector animation programs like Flash. Photoshop works only in raster because they want you to buy Illustrator. Photoshop will rasterize stuff from Illustrator to work in raster, but you can't keep the image in vector. It also works with text in vector, but you have to rasterize it before doing anything with it except regular text editing.

PSP will import vector formats and let you work with them in vector or convert them to raster. Photoshop won't even open most vector formats.

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I'm currently using the Photoshop CS3 Beta at home and my office. It's fast and powerful. I use a few plug-ins but mostly one called PTLens. When I get cockeyed photos from our field photographers it makes it easy to adjust the orientation of the photo and correct things like barrel distortion and vignetting.

I also use something called AlienSkin Blow Up. I use it to enlarge small low resolution photos up to a size and pixel resolution good enough for magazine printing without significant loss of quality. Both of these plug-ins work from right within Photoshop.

At home I have been mainly using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It takes the best parts of Photoshop, Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw and integrates them, making Lightroom much faster and more powerful, especially for Raw editing. I attended a meeting of a local photography club tonight and talks were given by a prominent professional photographer (http://www.tbphoto.us/) and factory reps from Canon. They all swear by Lightroom. It has just hit the stores and until March 31 it is $199 ($100 rebate). After that it goes up to its normal $299 price. BTW... This photographer also asked for a show of hands to see what most people were using and it was about 90% some version of Photoshop.

Between Photoshop CS3 with some key plugins and Lightroom, I don't need any other photo editing software.
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