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ken68 Apr 28, 2006 3:16 PM

Here are some pictures I took while at my wifes mothers place in Oakville, Ontario a week ago.

bigdawg Apr 29, 2006 9:35 AM

I like no. 4. They'll get better as the sun comes out more!!


ken68 Apr 29, 2006 10:14 AM

Yes I like that picture as well. I have learned to use the CW330's in camera cropping as well. More I use this inexpensive little P&S Camera the more I like it. It has a lot of features for a under $200 camera. I know it does not compare to the Z or P Series but it still astounds me with the good pictures it takes. As far as I am concerned this little camera and it's accessories I have is currently meeting my needs. So I put the upgrade bug away for awhile. I did get the LCD fixed on my notebook. Thanks to a birthday present from my boss. He donated a old PII IBM Thinkpad 600 for parts to me that just happened to have the same LCD Panel I needed. It also had a CDRW Drive in it that also fit my IBM Thinkpad 600X. So I now have my notebook fully functional again, sans bad battery. But I do not use it away from a AC Outlet anyways. Here are it's specs which makes it good enough for Photoshop CS2 Editing of my pictures:

IBM Thinkpad 600X
- PIII 500Mhz
- 40 GB HDD
- DVDROM (Swappable with CDRW)
- CDRW (Swappable with DVDROM)
- External Floppy Drive
- Internal Floppy Drive (Swappable with DVDROM or CDRW)
- LS120 Flopticle Drive (Swappable with CDRW, DVDROM, Floppy)
- 13.3" XGA TFT LCD Screen
- Internal 56Kbs V90 Faxmodem
- PCMCIA Dlink DWL-G630 80211G Wireless Card
- PCMCIA D-Link DFE-690TXD 10/100 Network Card
- External 4-Port USB Hub
- Full Size Docking Station
- 1 AC Adapter and 2 spare AC Adapters
- Backpack Carrying Case

I use this at home on my Coffee Table beside my couch in my Living Room, and at work everyday.

Not bad for a 6 year old notebook that was 2 years old when I bought it. Money invested in it:

- Purchase price $400.00
- Full Size Docking Station $0.00
- CDRW $0.00
- DVDROM $0.00
- 40GB HDD $50.00
- PCMCIA 10/100 NIC $35.00
- PCMCIA 80211G Card $50.00
- 2 spare AC Adapters $0.00
- Backpack Carrying Case $35.00
- 4-Port USB Hub $10.00
- External Floppy $0.00
- Internal Floppy $0.00
- LS120 Flopticle Drive $0.00
- Upgrade from PII 400MHz CPU and Mainboard to PIII 500Mhz CPU and Mainboard $100.00

Total in
4 years of daily use, $680.00, and with a replacement LCD installed now I will probably be using it for another couple of years. Next investment, new battery $170.00.

bigdawg Apr 29, 2006 11:42 AM

I've been thinking of getting a note book myself but have resisted the urge as I can put more money into filters and lenses and maybe an upgrade to my beloved DX6490 one day, That is if Kodak ever comes out with one that's as easy to use as the DX6490 and has more zoom and a provision for manual focus as well as a 8+mp sensor! LOL Dream on Dream on!!!


ken68 Apr 29, 2006 12:15 PM

Well nowdays you can buy a good used PIII Notebook for around $400-$500 Cdn. Or the price of one Telephoto Lens.

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