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Kanga1 May 18, 2010 8:10 AM

Please help! Kodak Playsport
Help me please!!! I'm new to all this. Just purchased the Kodak Playsport and I'm very happy with it UNTIL I go to burn my videos to a DVD. I am using the Mediaimpressions software that came loaded on the camera. I can successfully burn the video to the DVD, but it comes out all jumpy and it takes FOREVER just to burn a 30 sec. video. Surely there is a way to make this easier and fix the jumpiness. I have version 1.0.3 on my camera, which I think is the latest firmware. The video that it takes is .MOV file and is HUGE. That 30 sec. video is about 10MB! I think I need to convert the file into another format to make it smaller, but using the converter in the Mediaimpressions software also takes FOREVER! I am shooting in 720p/60.

HELP!! How can I easily get my videos off my SD card onto something other than my hard drive?

fishycomics May 20, 2010 4:17 PM

First welcome to the Forums Kanga1. Did you visit the Hybrid section of the thread I opened , and ask in there. in time others will join in, they may be to new to Arcsoft and the playsport, or Zi8.

I thought I toss in my few cents, and burn a dvd disk of 30 secs and call this bluff.

I placed in a28 sec clip of [email protected] 40 mb, no title, or credit. and chosen dvd/blueray, render two steps, first step went smooth, second step stayed at 79 % and finished under 5minutes. Disk is published, burned, succesful.

Playback on a windows pc, and mac looked fine to me.

As Arcsoft MI may only be for windows, while playback on both, I see no issues here.

Are you up to par on your system pc/mac. I use a hp1070N 2.5g and a macbook.

for you to do other than a HD, you have to go through a pc or mac, to get onto anything other if external hard drive etc, for transferring sd files, this is not a library device like other cams.

Another route will be old fashion transferring vido through the componant cable , live playback.

All you have to do to transfer the files , is plugh te cam into a pc, recognises and open driver, then drop and drag.


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