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I was just wondering if it is possible to stack wide angle lenses... for example, if you wanted to stack a raynox 55mm wide angle lense + another raynox wide angel lens?

that will give you: 36 X 0.66= 23.76mm

+another wide angle lens...23.76 X 0.66=15.68mm

Is it possible to do that or no?/

It is just a question that came up in my mind...


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No, its not very possible !!

Firs of all, you will get some extreme vignetting...

Your image will be very deform !!

And I don't think the camera will focus trough the 2 lenses

If you whant to get some really wide lenses, just make a search, there are many other lenses !!

You can get som 0.5x , 0.45x and some 0.3x lenses:-)

I didn't bought these lense becauses they would create a lot a deformation !!


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Not to mention..it'd probably make the camera pretty heavy. LoL. Interesting thought though.

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Hard to stack them as the wide angle lens is Sooo big at the outward end. Better to get one lens that will widen out for you!

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