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I recently bought a kodak C875 camera. I really loved it , amaazing quality. But Now i have a problem. My daughter was playing with it (yeah I know bad idea:roll and now everything on the screen is blurry and fuzzy. I can review the old pictures just fine...but when I try to take pictures...everything is fuzzy and blurry..I'm guessing something went wrong with the setting or something is wrong with the lens. I don't know what to do. Should I take it back where I bought it from? I bought it 2 weeks ago....

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My first Thought is that your childd touched the lens and got her finger printson it.

Perhaps all you need to do is wipe it clean,use a soft cloth, (flannel is good) Don't use water!

Happy Holidays, Take many memories

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The above suggestion is a good one. If that doesn't work take the battery out and then replace it and turn the camera back on. If that doesn't work take it back and see if they will swap it for another. Hint: Don't tell them you let your child play with it! Then when you get back home with the replacement camera...Give her a big hug. Then take her photo and put it next to your heart!

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Look under the Setup Menu when in playback mode for a menu option for "RESET CAMERA". Most models have a similar menu choice and it should reset everything back to factory defaults.

She may have left something set wrong (macro mode, etc.).

It that doesn't fix it, make sure you're using the flash if you're testing it indoors (your blurry photos may be due to camera shake, since indoor lighting is low light to a camera's lens and your shutter speeds may be too slow without one if you're not using a tripod or you're shooting non-stationary subjects).

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I would bet on the macro being on...

My brother who is the Mr. Magoo of electronics actually tried to return a camera to Best Buy because he thought it was broken for the same reason, I don't recall the details, but I think it had a manual macro the his daughter flipped on....

Good luck
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