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tnmg Jul 26, 2004 11:40 PM

Just bought a CX7430 and have the picture quality setting on Best using the internal 16mbmemory. The picture file size is only like 420k-620k. Its supposed to be a 4 megapixel camera. And best should be 4 megapixels right? When I look at the image size, it says 2304x1728. Something is just not making sense to me. I also own an Olympus C-750 which is 4 MP. Using the HQ setting on it, I get pics with 2288x1712 and file sizes of around 800k each.

Whats the deal? I'm a little nervous. :?


brianhare Jul 27, 2004 9:29 AM

Well if you take 2304X1728 you get 3,981,312 pixels,,,it`s a 4meg DC so that`s about right,,,you do not usually get right on 4 megs in count on any`s usually a little less...the Oly is actually using less pixels on the sensor for being a 4 megapixel DC...

2304X1728 is the number of pixels on the sensor that are being recorded when you take a pic......

Now the file size being smaller is due to JPEG compression done by the DC,,,,you still have the same pixel count,,but the file is compressed more on the Kodak,,,,,,,,,,,,this gives you a lot more images per storage card,,,,which is nice,,,but sometimes you get a loss in quality in the low detail areas which you probably would not see anyway,,some of the newer kodak`s have a compression option for fine and normal compression......

I think you will find you will never see it in a pic printed off even up too 11X14,,i`ve done a few and can see no problems in prints or on my computer screen,,,

If you use a magnify glass you will find problems with all DC`s,,kodak seems to have few,,,and the sharpness and color is excellent..My DX6490 takes wonderfull pics,,i`m very pleased with the results...

The OLY actually uses 64,256 less pixels then the Kodak,,,that`s quite a few...

How are the pictures you`ve gotten,,,any problems.....??????


hk0876 Aug 5, 2004 3:44 PM

:?I am quite convinced by the reviews I've read that CX7430 is a good camera.

I am looking for one with high ISO for work. Can anyone sendsome pictures aken by this model at high ISO such as ISO400 and ISO800 ?

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