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Last night was the premiere and I got nervous and ended up shooting in auto mode. The lights were so bright and I was afraid it wouldn't read right in aperture...big mistake. It basically set the shutter speed pretty low even though the lights were so bright -- don't know why -- and most of my pics are way overexposed. Now I regret not using aperture priority because it probably would have at least gave me a faster shutter speed....but then again it may have read the light too much but I don't think so. Plus I had it on matrix metering which you would think it would have picked up the excess light and made for a faster shutter...but it didn't. It was setting at like 1/50 for bright lights and overexposed. I guess I'll never know how they would have been in aperture. I should have switched, but everything happens so fast at those premieres that I didn't even think of it... plus it looked like they were coming out halfway decent. Oh well.... really upsets me why the camera picked such a slow shutter with such bright lights... any ideas? I guess too late now to wonder, but at least I know for next time to set at aperture and maybe just leave auto flash on so I don't complicated things too much... seems auto picked f3.6 for most shots, which is right where I had my settings set anyway.... i just think it would have metered the light better.
If I had set it to AP, do you think I'd be better off using center metering or matrix at a premiere like this with all the bright lights? I was thinking center since the bright lights might fool the metering in matrix. What do you think?
I'll post some of the pics of Lindsay Lohan that turned out halfway decent as soon as I get a chance.
Thanks for any advice!!
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