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I removed the easyshare software about 15 minutes after I installed it. Just like another poster on here, I find it much, much more simpler to remove the SD card out of my camera and place it in the card reader already plugged into my computer....then it's read as a seperate drive. Way...way...simpler!
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Hey Slipe,

I know there can be some situations that are not usual. The system was really designed to have all the images on the hard drive as that is the most effective way to review and use the images.

Once the newest version of EasyShare is reinstalled, if that is your choice, you should be able to insert the Picture CD and an additional feature will be installed to the existing version of EasyShare. Much more effective.

Let me know if you have any continuing issues.

Ron Baird
Eastman Kodak Company
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Hi Ron Baird,

I've tried everything you recommend in spades and I cannot get my v550 to function reliably with or without Easyshare software. I wonder if there's something wrong with my computer's USB functions? I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers.The system devices dialog box reports that everything is fine. I should tell you that I am using the 64 bit version of Windows XP.

I can connect the camera with no Kodak software at all by pushing the button on the camera dock. Then using the scanner and camera wizard, I can start loading the pictures into the camera. Then usuallybefore a dozen pictures are loaded, the connection slows and stops, then eventually times out. I have tried different things like enabling legacy USB support in the system bios, installing Easyshare with just the camera control software, tried different USB ports, turned off power management in all the USB Root Hubs in Device Manager. My printer works fine with this computer's USB ports, so I can't think what could be going wrong. It's almost driven me nuts so I have to abandon the problem for now. I wonder if the camera dock is an interference? Is there a cord to connect the camera directly? I'm sure there is. I'll check camera accessories for that.

Let me know if there's some kind of error log I could upload for you.

Thanks in advance.

Over and out,

Jerry Norton


I've verified that it's not my machine. I can load the pictures onto my PC with a USB flash card reader. Something about pushing the Easyshare button on the camera dock slows down andlocks up the USB bus after 8 or 10 pictures. I even sometimes have to disconnect the dock to get my computer to shutdown or restart. I never used the Easyshare software other than to load the pictures and erase the card, but that was useful.

It looks like marketing has gone awry if you ask me. The Easyshare software is to move you toward getting online prints more than enabling camera connectivity. Photo printers are ubiquitous. Why would you want to order prints online?

There should be a standalone driver that you could install by using the device manager or the add hardware wizard for those who just want to get their pictures out of their cameras. Other manufacturers provide standalone drivers in addition to the shovelware.

To be fair,Easyshare worked fine until I moved to the 64 bit version of Windows XP. So far there is no 64 bit version of Easyshare.

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