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I think the summer moose may be related to the guy on the sardine cans!

When I was younger and unemployed I went to a interview for the company that came out with those little ultra sonic whistles that you mount on your car and as you drive the wind passing through them gives a high pitch whistle that scatters deer and critters off the road. No idea if they work. The firm kept asking me to come back for a extended interview 4 times And they still could not make up their minds. When they called me at home to come in again I told them where they could put their whistles!


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Oh WOW Lisa what a road block !!! These are really good shots !

In the last one iit looks like he's smiling for the camera ha!ha!!

I can't even imagine running up on something like that,I'd be too excited to even think of taking pictures

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Thanks to all of you for the kind words!
Yes,Dan..that yellow filter is my best friend this time of year..lol..I don't feel to hesitant now about winter shots cause I agree with Sandy..all thoughts of playing around with settings diisappear because I get all excited about getting any shot in a situation like this.:-)..this guy/gal was pretty laid back tho so I could have played around a little more.I am hoping to come across the lynx that is reported to be hanging around the north end of the park..
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Can't hardly wait for the fringed ears. Lynx are the neatest of the cat family in my book!

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Great Photos, Lisa!

Thanks for posting them.

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