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glennj Oct 3, 2006 8:06 PM

I am considering either a kodak z612 or z650 and I understand they both are threaded for wide angle attachments. My experience with wide angle attachments has not been good. I am now shooting a Konica Minolta z2 and when I use the wide angle attachment with the built in flash there is a half moon shape shadow caused by the lens interfering with the flash. Will this be a problem with the kodak cameras. thanks in advance for comments.

bill2468 Oct 3, 2006 8:31 PM

Regardless what camera you use when a object (a big aux lens) blocks the light of your flash from reaching your subject the object creats a shadow.

Solution ~ Us a slave flash that will not have your aux lens blocking any of the light leaving the flash.

If you ware a band aide on your face all summer it will block the sun from tanning that part of your face.



bigdawg Oct 3, 2006 10:13 PM

Get the P880, P850 or the P712 as they have hotshoes to put a flash higher up and away from the edge of the Wide angle lens. If you do opt for the Z612 or the Z650 then get an auxilliary flash that sits off to one side! That way the flash will be able to have a clear line of fire! You can get a cable attached flash or a slave flash that fires off the on-board flash of your camera! (No cable needed that way) Just a thought! Hope you enjoy the new camera which ever you get!


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