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Default Someone's already got a adapter

Spotted this on ebay.
Scroll down to see it in it's glory.


I know it's not the genuine article, but I would like to know where to find one as Kodak are taking far too long in releasing their one.
(and it's probally cheaper!)
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Looks like aftermarket to me Cold Snail,,,

Do you really want to take the chance on buying it and being dissapointed in the optical quality,,,

Your DX6490 has a Schneider lense,,,beautiful quality,,,you can`t tell me you would compromise that by putting a lense made from an old Coke bottle in front of that would you......

Take this advise from someone who knows...The aftermarket is out to make money,,,,some will actually do a decent job of making a lense,,,others will pump them out faster than a new Corvette`s top speed.....

Don`t do it it`s not worth the aggrevation,,,Kodak may be slower than mollasses,,,but they will sell you a genuine Schneider lense,,,that will match perfectly with the lense on your DX6490,,,,

I know the waiting really bites,,,,,but it will be worth the wait..

Anybody reading this knows,,,at one time or another you bought something that was junk,,,hid it in your closet,,,so nobody would know you were nuts,,,,,,do you,,,,,, REALLY,,,,,,, want to go through that again,,,anything aftermarket should be treated with distrust,,,unless someone can PROVE that it is not junk......

Another one of my opinions.....

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Old Apr 21, 2004, 2:31 AM   #3
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Your right Brian. Kodak original is the only way to go! Especially when you can pick-up the adapter and w.a. lens for $125. It sure looks nice with the adapter & wide angle lens on it!

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I agree with you about waiting for the genuine adapter if you are looking at the add-on lenses and not getting cheapies off Ebay, but my priorities have changed to getting some decent filters up front.

I think the original Schneider lens is a superb piece of kit, but how much barrel distortion will the wide-angle lens give? and when/if a telephoto lens becomes available how much extra vignetting will that produce?

I'm waiting to the end of the month for Kodak to get into gear, but if not I'll be on the lookout for a universal adapter and some quality filters.
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