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To Kodak:
I been useing PASM mode and my Camera Kodak DX6490
will not go to f/2.8, the lowest it will go is f/3.7 Isnt it supposted
to go from f/2.8 to f/8 ? if so why wont it go to f/2.8 in Manual. I
have lost a lot of shots because of this, it's very frustrating. I have tried in 'S' useing Shutter sppeds of 1/1000 to 1 sec and even in 'A' it will only go to f/3.7 so my question is how do I get it to goto f/2.8 ?

Answer From Kodak:
The lens on the DX6490 camera will only open up to f/2.8 on full wide
angle. As you zoom the lens must close the aperture to f/3.7 at full
telephoto zoom. This is typical of standard zoom lenses.
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Don't want to squash your complaint, because I like a good crab as much as anyone, but...

that said...

you're up against optical engineering here. The Kodak guy said "standard" zoom lenses, meaning those under $1000. Aberration (purple fringing and probably bluriness around the edges) would haunt you if the whole zoom range stayed at f/2.8.

Consider, too, that the exposure difference between f/2.8 and f/3.7 (f/4) is 1 stop or 1 EV value. Your 1-stop underexposed pictures should be editable to bump up their exposure and/or brightness/contrast.

The shot below is a composite oftwo - the background is taken at what my DX7630 says is one stop underexposed, like taking a scene at f/3.7 instead of f/2.8. The inset (red border) is what Kodak says is correct exposure... overexposed slightly to my taste. Anyway, a bit of editing can brighten up 1 stop, no problem.

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thats fine for normal photos with out addons
but I have a addon thats about 10" long, thats lowering my stops of light
it's a 5.5X Tokina
and when I try to shoot animals closeup
they come out dark sometimes
cause I have to use a shutter speed of atleast 1/90 to keep it from
bluring when they move, and while tryin to take a photo of a
humming bird forget it, you better be around 1/700 to 1/1000
I tried it in "S" and they come out real dark cause it only goes to A3.7
where A2.8 might give me a photo I could lighten up and be saveable

maybe when I finelly get a real good 2X I might be able to get a photo

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