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freddo Sep 23, 2002 2:43 AM

Uploading to DC4800
I wish to upload files to my DC4800 so that I can transfer them to another computer which is not networked. I always get an error saying that the camera is read only. I cannot change the properties to full read/write. Anyone know if what i want to do is possible? and how to do it? thanks in advance :)

lg Sep 23, 2002 8:51 AM

Try a card reader...
If your purpose is to transfer the files to another computer, get a card reader that will read CompactFlash cards. It attaches to your computer via a USB port. Download the pics to the card, then move the card reader to the new computer and upload them to it.

It's a bit trickier if you transfer them back to the camera, because the pics must be in a format the camera can read. If there is a problem with this solution, please provide more details so we can assist.

Sotterraneo Oct 10, 2002 10:11 AM


I am not sure on the exact amount of leway that the DC4800 gives, but I have viewed JPGs from lots of sources on the camera. The pictures didnt have DCP_**** file structure, and some were off other digital cameras, while some were just scanned in with scanners.

But as far as writing directly back to the DC4800. I am almost certain that isnot possible, you need to get a Card Reader to do this. I find it very handy now, I can write a lot of files to a 256mb compact flash and then bring it to Uni along with the reader, if I want to print some things out, or general document delivery.


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