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I didn't know a whole lot about kodaks at the time other than they were really easy to use, I had just started working at Officemax and I was one of the 3 real techy-kinda guys, so I got to play with the cameras quite a bit. The 6490 never had a charged battery in it (prior to my purchase) so I hadn't got to play with it. At the time it was priced $399. We had a special event where it went $150 off INSTANTLY ($249 was still a decent price for a new one just 6 months ago!), so I called my mom and told her "Come, buy this camera, don't ask any questions". She never regretted that decision And after that I sold a TOOON of them. We could hardly ever keep them in stock all the way until they got discontinued!
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I've been using Kodaks since the early 50's. Started with a Brownie! Moved up to an instamatic after I got married the left that for a Pentax K1000 in the early 80's. Gave up photography in order to afford three girls in high school. After they all left home I just had other things to do and had sworn not to get back into the film for a while. The digi- cams of the time just didn't impress me much! After my heart attack in 2004 I decided to take back up some of my old hobbies and started looking around for a camera. I was looking at Cannons for a while but the Kodak DX6490 went on sale so cheap I had to get one. The 10X zoom was the deciding factor! Have loved it ever since and will not go back to film ever! Well not on a regular basis anyway! LOL Never say never.......

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I had an old DC215 which I used in the field doing appraisals of foreclosed homes for the government. It was used in some pretty harsh conditions and got banged around quite a bit and eventually the lens mechanism wasn't focusing well. Kodak repaired it without question and I kept this camera in my desk for years for emergencies. This experience gave me a positive feel about Kodak as a company that is easy to work with for warranty and repair issues.
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Well I definatly don't have a long story like some of you, on July 7th, I will have been a photographer for one month. I always liked Canon cameras before I got into photography, thats why my dad used and they just seemed to be good solid machines. But I wasn't really interested in photography so I couldn't justify buying one. (Like really, who wants to walk around and take pictures of flowers?!?!)

So about a month ago, I was kind of wishing I had a hobby. The things I'm good at were thing I really dont' enjoy. Like I was really into computers... so I tried to learn some programming. About 3 days into that, I decided it was the most boring thing I've ever tried and quit. So I figured I have a job and I might as well buy a camera, so I looked for a Canon of course, but they had nothing that could beat out the P850 (12 times zoom at that price!!), so I went with Kodak. I'm hoping I can continue to use Kodak products for a long time now.
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Well I had an ol' Brownie many, many moons ago too. However I purchased a Yashica GSN, that really got me started with photography. Learned how to develop the whole works.

On the way I've used Canon's primarily, and a point-n-shoot Kodak, or Polaroid. Then a few years ago I started with Digital photography, basically because film costs too much when you like taking photos of everything..:-) I've had several of Sony's digital cameras, ending with the Mavica FD95. I just liked the feel of it, and could take fairly decent pics too.

This year I was given the cash for father's day to get another camera. For the amount of cash, I had to choose between Sony's Cybershot or Kodak's EasyShare. After doing a little research, Kodak won...:-)

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I just wanted a camera to take some snaps with on holiday, but when i was looking at the digital cameras in the Argos (shop) & on the net. I found myself wanting something better than the cheapo point and click. I couldn't go as far as SLR and wouldn't know how to use one anyway, so plumped for the Kodak P850.
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I saw a friend's pictures that we taken with a regular point and shoot kodak and the quality and clarity of the pictures was amazing! I just bought my 850.
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I was tired of feeling like a airport redcap carrying a camera, motor drive 3 or 4 lenses, some film and extra batteries.

When I bought my first pc it was a Apple Proforma 550. I soon bought a Apple digital camera (made or them by Fuji) with a fixed lens and a resolution of 640x480. It was love at first byte. I missed the battery of lenses I had but did not want become a beast of burden. I bought a Olympus 2100uz which I still have to this day. The lens is a 10x optical zoom with built in stabalizer made by cannon. It was just under 3 MP but was just great! The only thing I disliked were the smart media chips (very thin but tended to wear out from friction in and out of camea).

The Kodak DX7440 with 4x optical caught my eye with its big lcd scree and sale price. It went bad so I replaced it with the z7590 (10x optical zoom).

I missed the 4x optical zoom with its copact size so I bought a Z730 which fits so nice in all my pockets.


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This quest for a camera reminds of my latest quest for a pet.

When my parents were alive we had a dog (beagle terrier mix with the colors of a doberman) named Sam. A fellow in a barbershop gave him to my dad after inspecting our house and back yard as roomy for Sam and part of the deal was we name the dag after him, Sam. Sam came to us about 2 months old and died after 17 years of fun.

Being single I thought a cat or dog would not be right to be left alone for part of the day. I did not want a large parrot or a parakeet as they would scatter seeds about.

I came very close to deciding on zebra finches. Ordered a 18"x18"x30" but took it back the next day when so many birders said this was only good for no more than 2 birds. To me this sounded like a 15oz. jar of nuts with only 2 nuts in the jar.

I gave up on the Zebra Finches and bought a mp3 player instead.

When I sell my house and buy a coop I will look into a pet again.


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My first camera was a kodak instamatic 127 with magicube flash.It was a Christmas present along with a sears starter dark room kit. I quickly moved up to a pentax spotmatic (similar to K1000 but chromed brass). I have had nikon's, nikormats, canons, c.. I now have a minolta twin lens reflex, a old speed graflix, and a Kodak p880. Up until a few years ago I still operated my dark room with two omega enlargers etc..

I think I will never go back to 35mm but I may still shoot with the large format cameras. I have always used kodak film, and chemicals, but I have used Afga paper.
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