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Mr. Whit, I too had my fingers chronically stained brown from developing chemicals. My actual first camera was an old German Exacta 35mm SLR, bought from a pawn shop. By coincidence, I discovered that the US distributor for Exacta was only 2 miles from where I lived and when I brought my camera in to be checked out and cleaned, these old German guys who ran the place were thrilled that a 14 year old kid had an Exacta and wanted to get into photography. These kindly Teutonic camera importers helped me to set up my own darkroom and either GAVE me used equipment for free or sold me new equipment at cost. Through this connection I got a second Exacta and a Leica rangefinder. I used these cameras for many years until my apartment was burglarized and everything was stolen. I later assembled a Minolta kit and eventually handed it off to my then high school aged daughter. It was a very long time before I bought another camera, which was the DC215, used for appraisal and real estate photos only. The P850 is used 99% the same way. In fact I spent my 4th of Ju-ly shooting about 15 homes in order to make a magazine publication deadline.
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AHHHH! I SEE!!!! Two pro's in Novice clothing!!! LOL

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Hi Dawg,

I am a beginner with digital.......I get alot of inspiration from shutterbugs like youand the others.....
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Kodak is THE name in photography, right? Of course I grew up in the 70's and 80's with the old 110 film cameras....when I joined the Air Force I bought one of the Pentax 1000's (35mm manual everything) from the Base Exchange. After my first marriage ended, the camera came up missing and there were some good pics on it <wink wink>...lol.... I've had other little non kodak 35 mm point and shoot cameras over the years. 7 years ago when I met my wife, I bought a Kodak DC210. Main reason was to have fun with back then, as you didn't have to get the film developed and could easily delete things. Still have that camera now, well my wife does. Last year I bought a Z740 as it was time. I managed to take some decent pictures with the old one. Just as I figured how to use external lighting and photoshop to make decent photos, I get this one wiht many more features and am having a blast learning it. It sure does make you think a lot more! And yes, every now and then we still take the kind of pics that you don't want to get developed at Walmart....lol After all, isn't that what digital cams were made for? :?
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