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gregm1948 Feb 2, 2007 3:57 PM

This being the Kodak section of the forums, I'd have to guess that most participants here shoot with a Kodak digital of one type or another. I'm curious as to why others chose Kodak from among the bevy of digital cameras out there. Check off the most important factor in the poll, or scribble out your reasons in a reply.

My own story started with the Olympus camera I had at Disneyworld which took a plunge into a pond. I was with my grandchildren and didn't want to miss any photo-ops, so I found the Kodak Center on the grounds. I originally thought to get the cheapest one they had, but when I checked the V550, I was quite impressed. The clincher was the Schneider lens! For me, all the megapixels in the world don't count if you don't have a decent lens. After using it for a year, I wanted to get deeper into digital photography, so I set up my criteria for a more advanced camera. I love the digital SLR's, but for a hobbyist, they're out of my price range. I wanted a good lens with the widest angle zoom, and for off-camera and multiple flash use, the camera had to have the old-fashioned PC outlet. While Canon, Nikon and Sony were contenders, the Kodak P880 was the one camera that met my needs. And it cost less than the others to boot.

The P880 doesn't have the 12x zoom most of the others had, but with it's 24mm equivalent lens by Schneider, it has me covered there. I've already begun using the PC outlet in setting up multiple-flash shots for portraits. The P880 is not good at all for action sports due to the lag time between pushing shutter button and image capture, but then I wonder how any digital in this price range would be at that. Some of the others had higher megapixel counts, but 8.1 gives me plenty of image quality for my purposes. One other quibble: I wish they had a way to defeat the preflash from the built in strobe so that some of my slave units don't trigger early. Oh, well, I have to work around that.

So, enough blabbering on my part. To paraphrase the commercial, "What's in your camera bag?" and why did you chose it?


mtclimber Feb 2, 2007 5:01 PM


Perhaps I can help. I conduct beginner and intermediate workshops all over the world on cruise ships, speaking to over 7,500 persons every year. One of the first things I do is to establish what cameras my audience has, so I can foucus the lectures more toward their particular needs.

Three years ago, only about 20% of the attendees used Kodak cameras. This year that percentage has changed radically. Now almost 40% of the attendees, particularly in the beginner's workshops, use a Kodak camera. This clearly shows that Kodak made the correct decision when they opted, some 30 months ago,to really focus on the digital camera market.

My audiences perceive the Kodak cameras as (1) easy to use (2) competent (3) a good value. If you look at the Kodak range of cameras, they have a camera for everyone in the point and shoot population. Kodak has a great deal of variety in cameras, and they have positioned their cameras in the best marketing channels for their users. Kodak has focused not only on the mass merchandizers like, Walmart, Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, and K-Mart, but also in Walgreen's and even your local drug store. With that kind of market penetration, the camera stores have to carry Kodak because that is what folks are asking for every day in their stores.

Kodak is one of the very best "come back" stories in marketing. Three and four years ago they were "an also ran" most notable for their uninteresting and somewhat unrteliable digital cameras. Today all that has been changed.


bigdawg Feb 3, 2007 12:58 AM

I can only select one so I chose the lens. I was almost going to buy a cannon camera when I noticed that Wal-Mart had the DX6490 at a very reduced price as the DX7590 was just being released. I liked the 10X Zoom and the price more than anything, but have come to realise that the DX6490 can still hold it's own with much newer and fancier cameras. For the Extra Bells and Whistles I''ll go DSLR in a couple of months! But the DX 6490 will get it's share of use as well. No retirement till it quits!


jpfromoh Feb 3, 2007 6:19 AM

Kodak COLORS and relative ease of the process of getting P880 to replace/supplement my P850.


bigdawg Feb 3, 2007 9:30 AM're everywhere!! LOL


gregm1948 Feb 3, 2007 10:02 AM

Hi, John,

Just curious as to why you want to add the 880 to supplement your 850. What features are you looking to get?


mtclimber Feb 3, 2007 10:09 AM


I did the same thing as John. I use the P-850 for the longer telephoto shots and the P-880 for those wonderful wide angle shots. In that way they each compliment each other. Of course, in the middle of the focal length range they do share some common ground.


gregm1948 Feb 3, 2007 12:03 PM


Been thinking along the same lines. I do like the w/a of the 880, but it doesn't give the tele range I'd find useful, especially for sports. Of course, the 880 doesn't do well for indoor sports , ie, basketball, because of long lag time. I'd guess the 850 would not do much better there either.

Which brings me to the question, do I have to go up to a DSLR to get significantly less lag between shutter release and image capture? I see on Kodak's website there's a P712 now, which they claim has the shortest lag time in the class - .07 sec, plus a 12x zoom (36-432 equiv). But they list that time "wide, preview on", which makes me wonder if 'real world' times are not as good. The old "Your mileage may vary" disclaimer applies, I guess.


jpfromoh Feb 3, 2007 12:45 PM

bigdawg wrote:
Quote:'re everywhere!! LOL

Dawg so are you:-)

Actually, my mind is a "sponge" trying to soak up as much learning as I can...multiple forums help me accomplish this.

Regards, John...

jpfromoh Feb 3, 2007 12:48 PM

gregm1948 wrote:

Hi, John,

Just curious as to why you want to add the 880 to supplement your 850. What features are you looking to get?

Greg, Sarah gave one point-of-view for both....right now I am not sure if I will keep P850 when I get the P880.....time will tell.....I like the wide angle and image quality of the 880...with the P850 I do not find myself taking a lot of full zoom photos but I may miss it when I need it....the downside to keeping both is having to lug them around....


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